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Thread: Just saw Star Wars Beyond - Thar be Spoilers here...

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    Just saw Star Wars Beyond - Thar be Spoilers here...

    Yep, you read it right. It may have our favourite characters (or pale carbon copies thereof), but when they said the original script was "too Star Trek-y", they fixed that. Other than the characters and the name of the ship, it's a generic high-action "sci-fi" movie. The characterisations were... OK, but the plots and storyline? Dumb generic blandness, and they even managed to make the Beastie Boys' Sabotage a plot point.

    I may have put in a spoiler alert, but I can't spoil the movie any more than Pegg, Kurzman, Abrams and Lin did. The JJPrise is made short work of by the teeny-tiny alien buzz-saw ships, and the NX-0h0h Frakkin' must save the Yorkylon 5 station and with it the entire Federation from Idris Elba's Big Bad Alien (sorta). The non-stop action was confusing to watch, and while they got rid of the harsh over-lighting and lens flares on the Bridge, they forgot to actually light most of the attack on the JJPrise at all. The infernal combustion motocross bike apparently was on the Frakkin' for no adequately (or indeed even inadequately) mentioned reason, and is still fueled up and good to go in a story twist equal to the 1000 year old Harriersi Battlefield Earth. The Babylon 5 wannabe station is the most ill-designed piece of crap to be rejected by MC Escher, showing that someone's read too many copies of 2000AD.

    Pure generic SF, but slapping Star Trek on it violates the Truth in Advertising concept.

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    it is as I thought, most of which I think we all gleaned from the trailers. It is disappointing that they have bastardized such an iconic concept, Roddenberry would be rolling in his orbiting grave.
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    I thought it was pretty good. Certainly the best of the three JJ-verse films. The actor chemistry finally seems to have settled out and the interactions felt natural and in character. The B-plots that were so blatantly missing from the first two went a long way towards making sure everyone had things to do. The scriptwriters also put in a lot of Easter Eggs but did so very deftly and organically so it didn't stand out and wave big "REFERENCE!!!!" flags everywhere.

    And they finally fixed the angle on the nacelle pylons with the E-A!!!

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