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Thread: Star Trek Discovery

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    If it's discontinuous, then it's not the same continuity, hence... it doesn't matter.
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    I just logged in after several months absence. It's been confirmed by John Eaves in a now-deleted Facebook post that the new USS Enterprise had to abide by the strictures of Bad Reboot's license in that it had to be much larger and 25% different. Further CBS insiders have confirmed that both the Kelvin and "Prime" timelines are distinctly different from CBS's original timeline, now known internally as the "Canon" timeline. This mean that neither Jar Jar-Trek nor the Discoverse are canon, or at least not Canon. Now that Moonves has been ousted courtesy of the Me-Too controversy, Sumner Redstone's daughter is in de facto control and she favours re-merging CBS and Paramount in a restored Viacom. Since the Kelvin-verse is now officially D*E*A*D, it remains to be seen whether Bad Reboot can get a film out within the time-frame before Paramount's license reverts back to CBS.

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