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Thread: Star Trek Discovery

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    Well, There has been back and forth between Les Moonves and the production staff over ST: Dis (I'm not using ST, that's just insulting) and nothing is ever finalized in early drafts of idea. so lets concern ourselves over what we are seeing:

    1. It looks to be a connecting series Between Enterprise and Kelvin Timeline (this is a reasonable guess)
    2. The Klingons look like a cross between Jem'Hadar and Movie Era Klingons. Given the ravages of the Augment Virus, I can see some attempts to fix it having issues. The uniforms look odd, but it's not Gold Lamae, at least.
    3. The new Discovery design beats the original design they showed IMHO. We are not getting the 50 year old aesthetic back, let's jsut get used to that. The Movies have us a re-imaging of that and we saw how much of a fit people threw over that. The ENT influenced look will likely test better with newer audiences, which is what CBS is aiming for.
    4. The Bridge looks like a Star Trek Online Bridge, which I am okay with, with influences from KT.
    the alien that sense death does raise eyebrows. I wanna see what they do with this.

    I will endeavor to be fair to this series
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    This is a good look at some of the crap going on behind the scenes that touches on how you might look at the trailer.

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    Guy I know who did some set design work said they used up all the construction foam in Canada doing vines on the tomb-ship.
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    I can't say this trailer thrilled me. I will probably see if I can give the series a try, but I'm not very optimistic.
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    Of course, this looks pretty good. Is it better?

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    this was in the side recommendations on the YouTube clip of The Orville (which looks good to me, a little hearted spoof of Trek like Galaxy Quest)

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