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Thread: You wanna bring that in here?

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    You wanna bring that in here?

    Inspired by the inclusion in the FASA Orions supplement of a single world in the Rigel system that Starfleet can have a ship orbiting around. I have started wondering if a sort of ST- customs would make for a viable campaign setting.

    I am imagining a modified Ranger class scout (FASA design) as the mother ship. Tied to the orbit of the said planet and only able to leave or enter the system under very strict paths. But with AWCS-like sensor and commu centres (replacing the labs on a normal Ranger) to monitor UFP registered ships and send Inspection Teams out to them in the two carried shuttles.

    Obviously only UFP ships could be thus checked and it would be a sort of customs and safety check over to ensure ship and crew safety plus no illegal or dangerous products being bought back to the UFP from the neutral Rigel trade worlds.

    Obviously you would need a couple of ongoing story arcs to stop things getting too samey, but I am not sure if that would be enough?

    Anyone tried anything like this before and can impart some advice please?

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    Such a ship and crew would be part of the Merchant Marine Command.

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    It's NCIS: Starfleet: Rigel!

    Seriously though, you could use your idea as a cover story for Starfleet Intelligence! Seeing as the Orion system is so busy, you could have Intelligence having to tred a fine line in trying to keep their 'Customs' cover story intact while gathering useful information or keeping an overall eye on all the shenanigans happening on all the Rigel planets!
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