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Thread: New to Star Trek RPG. My first adventure... Can you help me pleas???

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    Talking New to Star Trek RPG. My first adventure... Can you help me pleas???


    In two weeks time I`m having my first adventure with the Traveller RPG ruleset (T5).
    My problem is that I donīt have too much time to write a new adventure so I would like to use an existing one and it would nice to use the Star Trek universe as setting; but that is not compulsory.

    My players are all rookies in RPG gaming, teenagers most of them. I donīt have nothing in mind so I will be very grateful towards you if you can suggest some nice adventures. I donīt mind if they are free found over ther net of if I have to buy them through or similar pages.

    Im a veteran roleplayer and adapting adventures or rules from other games is o.k for me, so feel free to suggest any scifi adventure or campaign you enjoyed reading, playing or directing.

    Thanks a lot and please forgive the grammar mistakes... English is not my native tongue.

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    There's two sites run by members of this forum that have free adventures:
    Beyond the Final Frontier - resources for the CODA iteration of the Trek RPG
    Memory Icon - resources for the Icon iteration of the Trek RPG

    I suggest you also look through this subforum for various ideas, as there's plenty of examples of scenario ideas being worked out here.

    In terms of Trek-like adventures from other systems, I suggest you look at Ashen Stars. There's one in the core book that could be easily adapted, and a couple in Dead Rock Seven which fit pretty closely as well.

    Is there a kind of adventure you'd like to run?
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    And while they aren't fleshed out adventures, the sticky Adventure Seeds thread here can give some ideas. So if you don't find a complete adventure you want to use, you might find something you can build from there.

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    Ok guys thanks for your replies.

    Actually Im aware of BFF and Memory Icon webpages, they are great resources and Im scanning around right now for adventures. The only problem is that there are tons of stuff and just taking a peek will take some time... but is something I`m willing to do.

    Didnīt know nothing about Ashen Stars but what I have read seems interesting.

    Regarding my fisrt session I would lile it to be something about a spaceship in her maiden voyage around the galaxy with a young crew full of energy and lots of expectations, something very similar to the ST:TNG or the classic TV series. During their voyages they will find and explore new planets, discover things and of course, because I know my audience, there will be lots of action and combat.
    One of the main characters will be the captain of the ship and I`m using him as a guide and to help them if they get stuck during their missions, scorting and going with them in away teams.

    Definitely something Im not very interested at this moment are adventures with alien PCs, klingon and the like. I prefer all of them being humans, just for the first sessions. In fact, something I donīt like very much about the Star Trek universe is that there a lot of extraterrestrial races around, seems a little cartoonish for my taste... but I will cope with it.

    I can post more things I have in my head, but I donīt want to detail a lot because I want to adapt myself the best I can to the adventure Im going to play eventually.

    Anyway, thanks for your suggestions. With BFF, Memory Icon and the sticky thread about Adventure Seeds I have a good starting point.

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    So what kind of pilot episode do you want? What kind of imagery do you want them to explore? Is there a particular episode of a series you want it to be like? (Or don't want it to be like?)
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    I would like playing during the Dominion Wars - DS9.

    Anyway I have found and adventure called "The Crusoe Effect" for Star Trek Coda. I`m going to use it.

    Thanks a lot for your advice guys.

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    I would direct you to this portion of the site you can find here the Dominion War Sourcebook for the ICON version of the RPG. You can also find conversion guides to convert from ICON to CODA. there are various scenarios and adventure ideas for running a game during this period.

    One of the challenges of running a Dominion war series will be dealing with player moral in the early part of the war, as the Federation & the Klingons are on a steady retreat. you might want to try adventures like recruiting help from races on other fronts, Rescue missions, defense against sneak attacks....

    you can also find comics and novels based during this time. Marvel had a story line when they had the comics regarding the dominion war. Also take a look at the anthology "Tales of the Dominion War"

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