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    All Trek

    Five Original ‘Star Trek’ Programs Airing Together
    Star Trek fans, no matter which version of the iconic TV franchise they prefer, will be able to watch all five iterations of the show on the Heroes & Icons multicast network beginning Sunday, July 24, or if you prefer, Stardate Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 8 p.m. ET.

    ALL STAR TREK on HEROES AND ICONS will begin with the first episode of each version and will present them all in sequence as a continuous five-hour block on Sunday nights, and as five hours each weeknight, Monday through Friday.
    H&I five captain mashup trailer

    Too bad this isn't available in my area. While I do have its sister network, MeTV, it broadcasts only the original series as a part of Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night. Kind of surprising with CBS launching All Access online service with Star Trek: Discovery. Looking further, H&I has the animated series joining them on Sundays starting 9/4.
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