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Thread: Star Wars Rogue One

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    Star Wars Rogue One

    I went to the Star Wars Movie Rogue One, I was stunned at how much the actor that Played Tarkin looked like Peter Cushing and then the Actress that was Princess Leia at the end looked so much like Carrie Fisher.

    It has been several Years sense I was in a theater they have gotten louder and were rattling the fillings in my teeth. However it was a very great movie. I was about to post my complete Spacedock collection of ships but see that there is several that I want to add to it before I post it.

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    It's not 100% certain how they did it, but word has it she was a combination of a near look-alike and come CG facial compositing. Tarkin was 100% CG recreated.

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    However they did it, it was mind blowing. Soon they will not need real actors and actress to do the work just a good computer.

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    No computer will ever be able to match the nuances of a real human performance. Remember, they could only reconstruct because they had Cushing's footage to work with.

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