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Thread: Carry Fisher passed away

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    Carry Fisher passed away

    I just today I heard that Carry Fisher Princess Leia had died. I was stunned at it.

    I had a crush on her when I was a kid.

    Just what was it a week ago Kenny Baker R2-D2 had been announced that he had died.

    I will miss both of them.

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    I had been expecting this since I heard about her massive heart attack a few days ago. They had to do CPR on her at least once as she was reported to have stopped breathing.

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    Oddly, I had just watched what might be her last screen appearance.
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    Apparently not. She had finished filming her part in Star Wars VIII, so we've got one more appearance to look forward to. The artist known as Prince, the Pale White Prince and now Princess Leia... 2016 really depleted our pop culture royalty...

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    The hits just keep on coming. The day after she died, her mother (Debbie Reynolds) was hospitalized with breathing difficulties, and now she's dead too. The last few weeks have been a celebrity bloodbath.

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    I'm usually not that 'touched' by celebrity deaths... but this one simply made me sad

    There's a nice drawn cartoon out there, depicting Han with some flowers and Leia close by, telling her "I'll miss you." And of course she answers: "I know."

    Really sad
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