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Thread: Errata for TOS Communications and Security overlays?

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    Errata for TOS Communications and Security overlays?

    I'm sorry if this has already been answered - I'm sure its a basic issue that has been covered but I've searched all over this forum and anywhere else online and I've come up short. The TOS core rulebook has 2 overlay point-cost problems and I'm wondering if there has been an official ruling published.

    The Communications overlay lists Computer 1/2 twice. I'm assuming that the Overlay was intended to have Computer 2/3 or was there some other intent?

    Also, the Security Overlay seems to be short by 3 points. My assumption would be that you would either raise Unarmed Combat or Systems Operation by 3 points, but again I'm curious if there was an "official" update?


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    I've never seen an "official" correction for either of these. For Communications, I'd say that Computer (choose specialization) 2 (3) makes perfect sense. For Security, I'm going with 3 more points in Unarmed Combat for the game I'm planning.

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