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Thread: Something I noticed in Star Wars for spacedock builders

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    Something I noticed in Star Wars for spacedock builders

    I have come the conclusion that the ships in the Star Wars Universe do not have auto-destructed systems like the ships in the Star Trek Universe. Like transporters and such it is not something that they would need would they.

    It makes a nice weapon that you fly into the hanger of a bigger ship and set off the ship causing substantial damage. You could pack a ship with tons of explosive cargo and pull alongside and do the same basics in guerilla warfare.

    So you can leave off that system unless you want to use it.

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    I always thought that you could simply set the engines to overload (or any one of the auxiliary reactors/power supplies), obviously by over riding all the safety protocols first anyway, even if the ship didn't have a dedicated auto destruct and the auto destruct just does this anyway AFAIK, via voice command through the computer.
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    Well yeah, nevertheless the Federation has the booby trap packages all over the ship kind of set up was what I was thinking of. We use what ever the max power for the Warp core is plus 25% causes ten times the damage so each warp core breach is different instead of a set parameters so the Enterprise-D generates 630 power max per round plus 10% would be 157 equaling 787 times ten is 7870 damage most likely vaporizing the ship and any ship around it. We allow the ships to run at ten percent over maximum during a battle sustaining one damage per round up to half the SU's of the core.

    I have never seen a Star Wars ship self-destruct only blown up with explosives or damage. It was just an observation I made and was rattling around in my head that I thought that I needed to say something about.

    We have seen starship ramming here and there or inverted crashes that cause damage. Yet, I cannot recall any self-destruction's. Whether it be film, comic or novel.

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    Well I forgot all about that scene in the Empire Strikes Back as I do not like the winter scene as I have lived and Worked in months of COLD weather and have had frozen body parts that didn't thaw it seemed till nearly fall. But you are right there was a Self Destruct in the Probe Droid. So some ships yes and I guess just ignore this post then.

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