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    A small planetary city


    Even today the cities are so interconnected that they are much like the city below. I integrated some of the facilities into one as I originally designed the city to be one city. This city is a city that has multiple uses. It has been put forward that a city is like a living breathing creature that never stops growing and renewing the old. Though this is a city with only seventeen kilometers of coverage on the surface it is not a metropolis such as New York, Los Angles or even Seattle. In the future I will generate what a suburb would like in a spacedock.

    This city is a city that is usable into the Next Generation Era where the characters can visit. I started to design the cities as such when we were doing a Dominion War series when the combined forces to attack. The evolutions of the set up and generation of the city as new spacedock tech comes along. One of the things that I do for a city is I do not limit the SUís to such. A planetary structure is not a starship and can have less a limit and without the warp engines and impulse engines taking up so much room the planetary structures have more room for items to be there. There was no other way to generate a realistic looking city. If I was to keep within the SUís this city would have only fifty thousand life forms in it. The suburbs would be well within the SUís as it does not have the extensive support tech or even weapons to defend it. It covers the same amount of the area and has maybe only ten levels that are above the surface and one or two below surface of the planet.

    Another thing for a city that is not really changeable that the city receives cargo deliveries a dozen times a day so the food replicators are used but not as much as a starship. Even though the replicators are healthier, but life forms still like natural foods when they can get them.

    With a couple dozens of these small cites scattered on the surface of a planet the population of a planet rises up to forty-eight million and then add in a dozen larger cities could reach a billion and then small towns of a hundred thousand and suburbs scattered on the out skirts of the cities the population could reach two billion.

    During the Dominion War this very city was attacked by the Doninionís JemíHadar Warships. The damage was minor in comparison to that a starship as much of the above surface is living quarters to the more vital facilities.

    The city is moderately defended for its size with type nine phaser arrays and theses are located on either roof tops and camouflaged as something that does not detract from the surroundings of the surface. If this was a starship it would have more weapons and able to defend against anything. If wanted the planet could be protected with an orbital shield that has a protection of ten thousand and a thresh hold three-three hundred.

    I have made city buildings and structures individually but then you have to make all the buildings next door to it and then the ones next to them as well. This way works much better and it is easier to manage in a battle. If it is the only structure in the area it is fine but a city it is more difficult to deal with.

    A Small Planetary City
    Class and Type: Planetary City
    Commissioning Date: early 24th (2323)

    Hull Systems
    Size: 4 (16)
    Length: 5900 meters
    Beams: 2900 meters
    Height: 250 meters
    Decks: 62 (20 sub-levels/42 above surface)
    Mass: 20,000,000 metric tons
    SUs Available: 7000 Ė 11,000
    SUs Used: 608,958

    Hull Outer <64>
    Hull Inner <64>
    Resistance Outer Hull: 1 <0>
    Resistance Inner Hull: 1 <0>

    Structural Integrity field - None

    Personnel Systems
    Crew/Inhabitants/Capacity: 660/1,000,000/2,000,000
    Crew Quarters
    Spartan: 100,000 <5000>
    Basic: 1,000,000 <100,000>
    Expanded: 500,000 <100,000>
    Luxury: 300,000 <300,000>
    Unusual: 100,000 <100,000>

    Environmental Systems
    Basic Life Support [17 Power/round] <64>
    Reserve Life Support [9 Power/round] <32>
    Emergency Life Support (96 emergency shelters) <32>
    Gravity (if needed) [8 Power/round] <16>
    Consumable: 3 years worth <48>
    Food Replicators [16 Power/round] <16>
    Industrial Replicators
    Type: network of small Replicators [2 Power/round] <16>
    Type: 4 Large unit [2 Power/replicator/round] <12>
    Medical Facilities: 10 (+2) [10 Power/round] <50>
    EMH Mark I [2 Power/round when active] <5>
    Recreation Facilities: 10 (six main holodecks; thirty holodecks; large/luxurious eating facilities; four large lounges; eight small lounges) [20 Power/round] <80>
    Mercantile Facilities: 10 (30+ establishments/virtually anything that you could imagine within local legal limits of the law) [20 Power/round] <80>
    Aero/hydroponic facility: [14 power/round] <11>
    Personal Transport: Turbolifts, Jefferies tubes [2 Power/round] <48>
    Fire Suppression System [1 Power/round when active] <16>
    Manufacturing/Production a dozen facilities (a dozen per factory) [432 power/round per facility] <36 x 12 = 432>
    Cargo hold: 2,000,000 cubic meters <60>
    Locations: most is in subsurface storage areas, once in containers the cargo can be stored on the surface on the out skirts of the city that is not counted in this figure.
    Escape Pods: none

    Propulsion Systems: None

    Power Systems
    Fusion Reactor: 5 type 20 (generates 200 Power/round) <100 x 5 = 500>
    Solar power system 10 collection panels (generates 10 power/round) <3 x 10 = 30>
    Auxiliary Power: 10 reactors (generate 5 Power/reactor/round) <30>
    Emergency Power: Type F (generates 50 Power/round) <50>
    EPS: Standard Power flow, +100 Power transfer/round <90>
    Standard Usable Power: 1100

    Operations systems
    Operations (OPS): <20>

    Core 1: [5 Power/round] <32>
    Core 2: [5 Power/round] <32>
    Uprating Class alpha (+1) [1 power/round] <4>
    ODN <48>

    Sensor Systems
    (Long-range Sensors: provided from orbiting satellite)

    Lateral Sensors [5 Power/round] <17>
    Strength Package: Class 7 (strength 7)
    Gain Package: Class alpha (+1)
    Coverage: standard
    Probes: None
    Sensor Skill:

    Communications Systems
    Type: Class 7 [2 power/round of use] <14>
    Strength: 7
    Security: -3
    Emergency Communications: [2 Power/round] <1>

    Tractor Beams
    Emitter: Class Beta [3 Power/Strength used/round] <6 x 6 = 36>
    Accuracy 5/6/8/11

    Emitter: Class Alpha [3 Power/Strength used/round] <3 x 12 = 36>
    Accuracy 5/6/8/11
    Location: shuttle facilities

    Type: Personnel [5 Power/use] <16 x 4 = 64>
    Pads: 6
    Emitter/Receiver Array: Personnel Type (35,000 km range)
    Energizing/Transition Coils: Class H (strength 8)
    Number and location:

    Type: Cargo [4 Power/round] <13 x 8 = 104>
    Pads: 400 kg
    Emitter/Receiver Array: Cargo Type 3 (40,000 km range)
    Energizing/Transition Coils: Class H (strength 8)
    Number and location:

    Security Systems rating: 1 <4>
    Anti-Intruder System: Yes [1 Power/round] <16>
    Internal Force Field [1 power/3 Strength] <16>
    Science Systems Rating: 2 (+1) [2 Power/round] <26>
    Specialized Systems: none
    Laboratories: 64 <14>

    Tactical Systems
    Four Planetary Phaser Arrays <31 x 4 = 124>
    Type IX Phaser Array
    Damage: 180 [18 power]
    Number of Emitters: 120 (up to 3 shots per round)
    Auto-Phaser Interlock: Class Beta (Accuracy 4/5/7/10)
    Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
    Location: one in four locations on the outer edges of the city
    Firing arc: 540 degrees ventral
    Firing Modes: Standard, Continuous, Pulse, Wide-Beam

    Photon Torpedo Launcher <15>
    Standard Load: Type II photon torpedo (200 damage)
    Spread: 6
    Range: 15/300,000/1,000,000/3,000,000
    Targeting System: Class Beta (Accuracy 4/5/7/10)
    Power: [20 + 5 per torpedo fired]
    Location: near the center of the city
    Firing Arc: vertical, but are self-guided
    Torpedoes carried: 1000 <100>

    TA/T/TS: Class Beta [1 power/round] <9>
    Strength: 8
    Bonus: +1
    Weapon Skill: 3

    Shields (Forward, Aft, Port, Starboard) <218 x 4 = 872>
    Shield Generator: Class 6 (protection 1080) [108 power/shield/round]
    Shield grid: Type C (50% increase to 1620 Protection)
    Subspace field Distortion Amplifiers: Class Theta (Threshold 360)
    Recharging System: Class 2 (40 seconds)
    Backup Shield Generators: None
    Auto-Destruct System: None

    Auxiliary Spacecraft systems
    Shuttlebay(s): Capacity for 250 Size worth of ships <500>
    Standard Complement: 25 runabouts, 50 shuttlepods, 25 cargo shuttles and 50 shuttlecraft
    Location(s): twelve Shuttlebay

    Docking bays:
    4 rating 4 number of docks (ships up to size 4) [may supply 40 power/round/ship] <4 x 2 = 8>

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    this is one case where I don't think space dock works very well nor should/can be adopted to suit. For example, I don't think a single hospital would be suitable for a population of 1 million, nor do I see 6 holodecks and 30 holosuites capable of entertaining a population of 1 million. I would have also pumped the science systems to maximum and have every conceivable specialized lab installed. I would also think there would be site to site transporters every where supplementing the turbo lift (adapted to a light rail system presumably) network.

    I would also have included mention of civilian ground vehicles (using the attack skimmer template sans weapons and maybe shields page 91 Dominion War sourcebook) maybe in the auxiliary spacecraft systems section.

    I would also assert that it would be impossible to have photon explosions anywhere near a city (think nuclear detonation but a million times more energetic), or even be allowed in planetary atmosphere's so the inclusion of photon torpedo launchers just doesn't sit well with me, as I am sure you would have photon torpedos deployed against craft while they were in the atmosphere.(in the event of an attack)
    For comparison the Tsar Bomba's (a 57mt detonation and the biggest nuclear detonation in history) fireball, about 8 km (5.0 mi) in diameter, was prevented from touching the ground by the shock wave, but nearly reached the 10.5-kilometre (6.5 mi) altitude of the deploying Tu-95 bomber. I don't think it would not be unreasonable to think a photon torpedo detonation could produce a 800 km diameter fireball....and that's not taking into account of all the radiation and its effects.
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    I can't argue the point. Yet this is what we used for the battles and the individual structure method.

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    maybe just ignore the SU costs entirely (though I understand everything relates to SU's so ignoring them just makes the entire system fail), either that or break the city up into sections and treat them as individual units that tie into the one whole. BTW I wasn't trying to start an argument mate, just voicing some thoughts. The SU systems did work well for my Atlantis city build, but it was a city/ship and not just a city.

    I have also looked into future predictions for advancement and the current thinking is individual civilian houses (and other buildings) will eventually become completely autonomous and independent, capable of managing themselves in regards to power generation (photovoltaic, piezoelectric and individual fusion generators), waste management, be self cleaning and repairing, heavily dependant on replicators and claytronics etc

    an example of the fully autonomous home predicted by the 2070's
    "I will never make excuses for who I am. It is the way I was born. I am a HUNTER. a BONE COLLECTOR."
    Wave Man, the term "wave man" is the English translation of 'Ronin' (Japanese word) and literately translates to "wandering person" and in a modern context a WaveMan is one who is socially adrift or a SalaryMan who is between employers.

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    It is kind of sad to say that is the only way to make a city in Spacedock. I made little compensations here and there to make it work. Like nearly all the cargo is stored underground leaving the surface open to the life formes. I used over fifty time the SU's to build the city as it is and to make it look better I would have to use as much or more to make it even more a real like city. This was just an example. One of the cities we used in the Dominion War we had street fighting with the Jem"Hadar Soldier and the Cililvian Militia and Starfleet personel and that city was a size twelve and sustained damage from orbital bombardment before the ground battles.

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    exactly right mate. More points, I would have put all housing as Lux/unusual as space isn't an issue and civilians would expect a certain level of luxuriousness from their housing, and maybe introduce a Lux+ house, with extra space, basically combining a Lux and Expanded quarters into one unit (2 SU each). I would have also said every building in the city would have 1 or more auxiliary power units (3 su/5 pwr) and with each block of housing equipped with an emergency power generator (say a Type F 50su/50pwr). Every house and building (IMO) would have solar power generation as standard.
    "I will never make excuses for who I am. It is the way I was born. I am a HUNTER. a BONE COLLECTOR."
    Wave Man, the term "wave man" is the English translation of 'Ronin' (Japanese word) and literately translates to "wandering person" and in a modern context a WaveMan is one who is socially adrift or a SalaryMan who is between employers.

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    All that is good when building individual buildings but a city is one large organism inner connected with each neighboring building somehow whether it be underground skywalks or underground tunnels. The city is powered from the same source and the auxiliary would be a part of emergency services and such. The solar power could easily be upped into powering most of the city but I just didn't do it. A utopian society does not need the emergency power and such. I gave the accomindations the same spread as they would be on a starship with the exception of barracks. A cabin such as Captain Picard's had on the Entperise-D is larger than some of the appartments and houses I have lived in over the years.

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