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Thread: Star Trek Miniature Maker 2.0

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    Star Trek Miniature Maker 2.0

    The marvellous Mechanical Star Trek Paper Miniature Maker 2.0


    Some of you may remember an old site of mine where you could construct Star Trek paper miniatures by dragging the relevant arms and props on to the bodies at the top of the page. I recently, finally retired that site in favour of version 2.0 with significantly better art, a higher resolution and a menu based construction method instead of having to drag several screens up

    You can find it here:

    I know Modiphius are planning on producing some lovely Trek minis. This isn't as cool, obviously but might do if you need a swarm of crew members in a pinch.

    Things to note:

    It takes about 30-40 seconds to load so you'll just have a blank, dark blue screen for that period. Please be patient.

    The page has a fixed window resolution of 1200x700. This is so that the figures are displayed at the correct resolution to print at 300dpi. This means you will need a monitor resolution big enough to be able to display the screen properly.
    I may try and reduce this later on for folks who don't have high-res monitors.

    The minis, when printed at 300dpi will be 32mm tall. You are, of course at liberty to rescale them to any size you wish.

    This is still very much a work in progress - a First draft if you will - so I understand it looks like ass. The UI is placeholder but should serve it's purpose for now.

    It should be self explanatory to use: Click the buttons on the left to bring up the menus on the right and click the item you want in the menu on the right. Job done.

    I eventually want to implement a save/load and a print function but that's way out of my depth at the moment. For now, when you have a character you're happy with either use 'print screen' and paste into an art package of your choice for printing or use something like Snips in Windows to screengrab.

    Fold the figure in half and glue. Either fold the bottom tabs up as a base or cut them in to a tab if you have those fancy slot bases for paper miniatures.

    I've taken pains to make sure the figures are symmetrical. However, there's many a slip twixt cup and the lip, so my suggestion is to cut close to the figure and then either leave a white border or colour it in with a black sharpie.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, problems, feedback in general, please do let me know. It will be warmly welcome.
    However. Please read the following first before you do:

    Things I intend to include:

    The answer to the question that starts, 'Are you going to include...?' Will almost always be met with the answer, 'Yes. Eventually.'
    All uniforms and costumes from all eras of Trek. I will start with the duty uniforms as a priority and add to them from there.
    Communicators, PADDs, tricorders in the hands and on the shoulders and belt.
    Facial hair
    Blue, green and red skin colours.
    Most, if not all humanoid races.
    A nicer looking UI

    Finally here are some TOS era minis that I generated by spamming the Random button:


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    This looks really cool. I tried it, with some human and Betazoid officers from two eras. And they worked really well. I even did our bald Android officer and he looked pretty good.
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    I've now added Enterprise duty uniforms to the mini maker:



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    I have now added the Enterprise Duty uniform to the mini maker.



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    The Mini Maker has now been updated with a whole host of new hairstyles, TOS Pilot suty uniforms, alien races and a vulcan salute.

    There's also beena slight address change as I've moved it to it's new permanent folder:

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    The Miniature Maker has now been updated to include the following:

    Alien races
    TOS pilot uniforms
    A load more hairstyles
    Facial hair
    Vulcan salute

    It's also moved home. The new address is:



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    The Miniature Maker has now been updated with Denobulans, Benzites, Communicators, Tricorders, PADDs and the Kelvin Timeline duty uniforms from the first two movies.


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    Is the site still up?
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    Yes, it's moved though. I have posted two update messages to this thread over the past few weeks but they haven't appeared as they are still awaiting moderator approval

    The MiniMaker can be found here:


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    If I was interested in submitting alien faces etc, what format would be good?
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    I'm not accepting submissions I'm afraid.
    You are of course at liberty to mod the figures and suggest things you'd like me to include as well.

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    Mostly just missing Tellarites at this point.
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    It doesn't load properly in Chrome.

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    Owen, yes, I've been having issues with Chrome.

    I think it works okay on PC (certainly I've got it to work via Chrome on PC) but can sometimes throw up an error on loading. I've had folks get the error but then have it work on reloading. I think it may be more problematic (or actually non-functional) in Chrome on Mac. I wonder if it makes a difference in 32 and 64 bit versions.
    It apparently has a 100% success rate in Firefox and I've been told it works in Safari too.
    I understand that it will not work at all in IE because the elements are not uspported by IE however MS's new browser, Edge apparently does support it. I haven't verified that, though.

    Taterdemalion, I'm afraid Tellarites will not be included. Neither will Edoans or Caitians which breaks my heart because I adore all three and would love for them to be in. Sadly, they have noticeably different body shapes to humans and the slightest deviation from human means an entire new set of uniforms for each new species which is a heck of a lot of work for me.
    I may draw up some sheets of those races in a similar style to make up for it.


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    I usually get a blurry half-loaded Enterprise image. Occasionally, I'll get through to the menu interface, and it hangs there.

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