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Thread: The Orville

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    I tend to agree. While Disco has gone out of its way to eliminate anyone connected to Star Trek and especially anyone who's a Star Trek fan, Seth MacFarlane is unabashedly a fan with a capital F. Not only was Sanctuary a topical episode dealing with a contentious issue in modern society, it was a direct sequel to an earlier episode dealing with the ramifications of the earlier conclusions drawn about the issue. In Star Trek we rarely, if ever, got to see the long-term consequences of decisions made by the characters.

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    it certainly was on point and topical, dealing with current real life issues in a futuristic setting.

    I love Orville but I do wish they would start to do more 'exploring' (they are an Explorer class vessel) episodes. Still early days and they might begin to introduce that sort of story arc.

    Season 3 is tentative, but hopeful, from what I have read, ratings seem to indicate that Fox will pick up a third season.
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