After nearly two years, I have brought my TOS-era campaign to a very satisfactory ending. The intrepid crew of the tiny Archer-class scout ship USS Artemis accomplished a great deal. During their 2-year patrol mission, they have:
  • found the descendants of a Starfleet crew marooned one-hundred years ago and helped re-integrate them into society.
  • been abducted and experimented on by alien scientists desperate to find a way to save their people from extinction.
  • infiltrated a secret underground cabal on Romulus that has been pulling the strings of galactic politics and rescued a prominent Federation scientist from their grasp.
  • had their chief engineer fight against possession by and ancient and violent Vulcan katra.
  • uncovered and foiled the plot of a high ranking Starfleet officer gone rogue to unite the Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire for the conquest of Earth and Vulcan.

On a more personal and fundamental level:
  • The captain wrestled with and overcame her sense of uncertainty and self-doubt from being thrust into command before she believed she was ready and learned to make and live with tough and morally ambiguous decisions of life and death.
  • The first officer learned to temper his brash and hot-headed independent streak with wisdom and a sense of teamwork.
  • The helmsman/2nd officer walked a difficult balance between her duty and career as a Starfleet officer, her family loyalties and obligations, and exploring her sexuality and inter-species relationships.
  • The chief engineer gained a deeper understanding of his Vulcan heritage while wrestling with a ghost from the dark forgotten depths of his people's history.

Their mission may be over, but more adventures are to be had in the future for this fine ship and this fine crew.