USS Exeter is set in the Nu Trek/Kelvin timeline in the year 2269. Veering from the events in the movies, we set out to expand this universe because there's lots of growth potential as well as potential to bring in elements of old Trek into the Nu (or New) to give the sim some much needed weight.

With a new decade fast approaching, Starfleet is evolving. The age of 'cowboy diplomacy' is beginning to draw to a close. Seasoned captains who have been venturing out in the cosmos are now being promoted to the admiralty, phasing out the old guard with a new breed of Starfleet officer, ringing in new ideas for an undiscovered future.

However, with growth comes challenge. Since the reunification of the remaining Vulcans and Romulans an uneasy quiet has been felt throughout the known galaxy. While exploration and diplomatic relations are now the primary focus of Starfleet, there will always be those who seek to upset the balance and cause chaos.

There are still dark, dangerous, and unknown areas to be explored.

Seeking a Chief Medical Officer, and many other roles.