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    Does anyone know what Lt. Korudos of the USS Discovery's full Andorian name is?


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    Presumably it would just be Korudos?
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    don't know but there should be a clan name and gender prefix and they tend to be quite long, and thus shortened to make it easier in daily interactions and when dealing with other species.

    "The Andorians are a species of blue humanoids with two antennae on their heads, which are used for balance. The Andorians live in a militaristic society, which is reflected in their sense of honor. It's an honor to serve in the Imperial Guard, which in turn reflected upon an Andorian's personal status in society.

    Another major part of Andorian life is the Ushaan, which is a code of honor which, when called upon, demands a duel to the death, or at least a duel until one of the parties is incapable of fighting on. An Ushaan could be called upon for many reasons, often to regain honor. But there are many loopholes which could protect an Andorian from fighting, like calling for a substitute to fight for you, if any was willing to. As well as not having to fight if no children were alive to continue the clan.

    Andorian names reflect gender through prefixes. The Andorians have 4 genders, 2 of which are mostly female (zhen and shen) and 2 of which are mostly male (chan and thaan). This results in the prefixes zh', sh', ch' and th'. The prefix comes after the first name and before the clan name. For example: 'Thelin th'Valrass'.

    An Andorian's full name is very long and can get quite complicated, but they're usually shortened, especially when dealing with other species. For example, the name 'Shathrissia zh'Cheen' is shortened to Thriss zh'Cheen."
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