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Thread: MACO or Hazard Team

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    MACO or Hazard Team

    This is what I came up with while converting my exciting campaign.
    One of my players has a Brikar Hazard Team Leader
    I posted this on the Modiphius forum (I go by the name JoeriJean)

    Military Assault Command Operations (MACO), or Hazard Team Leader : Security department only. The Hazard’s Team leader oversees the ship’s Hazard Team department. Hazard Team is an elite force of tactical officers, medics, marksmen, and pilots that are utilized to take control of extreme situations and high-risk away team missions from Federation starships. When going on a high-risk away mission, the Hazard Team Leader always has the Advantage “Hazard Team Detachment”, which represents the ship’s Hazard Team personnel.
    Hazard Suit:
    (Resistance 2 / Opportunity 3 / Escalation 2):
    -The hazard suit is equipped with a number of advanced features:
    -The hazard suit is equipped with a tactical eye display ("TED"), which gives the wearer a crosshairs for weapons aiming and a scope for sniper shooting. The TED would also relay mission objectives and tactical information uploaded by the operations manager, or the team's weapons specialist when such information was pertinent. The TED could also be tied into a team member's tricorder and display information directly from the scan results.
    -The suit's footwear is reinforced and contained magnetic strips on the outer sole, should the team enter an area with little or no gravity. When coupled with the helmet, the suit could can also be used for extra-vehicular activity (EVA) when deployment is necessary in the vacuum of space.
    -The suit has a power converters that has the ability to convert many forms of alien energy and power into usable power for the suit to operate. This power then could be used by the suit to effect repairs on the suit through the use of nanites laced through the armor or to operate the internal dermal regenerators and protoplasers to heal wounds sustained by the wearer.
    -The suit is equipped with a portable transporter buffer allowing the user to store weapons and equipment within the buffer. This meant the wearer was not weighed down by extra stores or disadvantaged by having to carry bulky weapons when not in use.
    On the shoulders of the suit are multi-phasic wave generators. These devices actively disrupted unfriendly transporter locks on the wearer.
    Federation assault rifle (4 Challenge Die, Knockdown, Inaccurate, Charge / Opportunity 1, Escalation 2) The Federation assault rifle is a high powered particle weapon utilized by Starfleet's hazard teams in 2380. Designed by Starfleet Security and enhanced by Ensign Korban. The new Federation assault rifle has more of a shotgun feel, and its proves to be a more effective short range weapon than the compression phaser rifle and therefore is the weapon of choice in close quarters combat.

    Enhanced compression rifle (4 Challenge Die, Area, Charge, Grenade Launcher / Opportunity 2, Escalation 3): The enhanced compression rifle was a type of rifle weapon, an upgrade to the standard compression phaser rifle that could fire both phaser blasts and grenades. This new and improved version sports a higher rate and more rapid bursts of phaser fire than its predecessor, and has a nose-mounted grenade launcher, making it extremely suitable for some Hazard Team missions. The grenade launcher comes with 3 pulse grenades and can fire grenades up to Medium range.

    Phaser Sniper Rifle (4 Challenge Die, Intense, Charge / Opportunity 2, Escalation 3):
    The Federation Snipe Rifle has the typical features of such a weapon. They are more precise and capable of greater penetration. However, they are bulky, awkward to use at closer ranges It fires a single, almost instant shot from long range to quickly take out targets at a faraway distance. The weapon also features a targeting scope to zoom in on a distant object in order to get a clear shot and a good aim on the target.
    Attributes: +1 Daring, +1 Fitness, +1 Presence
    Trait: Brikars are large bipedal humanoids with a slow metabolism, and a silicon-based biochemistry. Because of their size and requirements, all their equipment must be altered for them. There complete physiology is still a mystery to many scientists and this can result in medical complications. They have a rock-like skin that is composed of various mineral and geologic compounds and is highly resistant to injury. An average Brikar character can lift several hundred kilos with ease, and is able to hold his breath for extended periods of time. Unlike most other species who come from low-gravity worlds, the Brikar are immensely strong and heavy. This apparent disparity lends credence to the common belief that the Brikar have genetically altered their physical make-up over the centuries, and have in effect bred themselves for physical strength. In relatively higher gravity they appear more flattened vertically than on their home-world, and they experience some difficulty in moving but they retain their incredible strength. They can wear a specially designed gravity compensators to ignore this effect. The Brikar traditionally harbor a dislike for Klingons stemming from intense border disputes.
    Talents: The character receives access to the following talents. A Brikar character must select the Living Rock talent during
    character creation, to reflect their rock-like skin.

    -Living Rock (required): You rocky skin makes you particularly durable and hardy. You gain 2 resistance and you gain the Rigid Trait.
    -Hammer Hand: Your Unarmed Strike gain the Vicious 1 damage effect.
    -Healing Meditation: Meditate for 30 minutes and make a Control + Medicine Task with a Difficulty of 1 to heal 1 injury-related Complication.
    I was thinking last night would it be a good idea to use a group of minor NPC's as advantage when you take personnel (pg 185 a half of dozen or so personnel -> costs 1 opportunity)? Minor NPC's are less powerful (Lower attributes, lower Disciplines, no focuses, no values, cannot Avoid an Injury, no talents, do not introduction benefits of a supporting character, the GM has control over them) supporting characters.

    Hazard Team Member:
    Trained hard and extensively in various combat techniques, a Hazard Team member is a worthy opponent.

    Traits: Human (or other species modify the attributes accordingly)

    Daring 8
    Control 9
    Fitness 9
    Insight 8
    Reason 7
    Presence 7

    Command 2
    Conn 1
    Engineering 1
    Medical 0
    Science 0
    Security 2

    Stress: 11 Resistance: 1

    Unarmed Strike (Melee, 3 Knockdown, Size 1H, Non-lethal)
    Phaser type-2 (Ranged, 5 , Size 1H, Charge)
    Escalation Phaser Rifle (Ranged, 6 , Size 2H, Accurate, Charge)

    Commando: When a Hazard Team member attempts a ranged attack, and purchases one or more additional dice with
    momentum , he may re-roll any number of d20s.
    Specialists Training: Each member has received specialized Training. Increase the department by +1 for the chosen study field
    Engineer +1 Engineering
    Medic +1 Medicine
    Pilot +1 Conn
    Tactical Specialist +1 Command
    Marksmen +1 Security (no increase in Stress and weapon Damage)
    Scientist: +1 Science

    Any comment is more than welcome
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    Looks to be a solid team. You may wish to state if the Hazard team are officers or enlisted specialists plus a NCO. Typically, such types are not trained as bridge material. But if there are, you might want to point out that they may be officers who were screened (particularly after the Dominion War) for the proper traits need for such a team to work. These are going to need to be people who can trust each other to get the job done during an operation, then save the drama for when they get back to the ship.
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    I like it, especially the hazard suit adaption, did you get it from this?

    One thing I would do is put an option of making a 'boost suit' or Battle/enviro suit; as in a powered armoured suit that enhances the users strength, reflexes, speed and endurance. I would also change the boots to 'jump boots', utilizing a short term anti-grav propulsion system allowing the user to make leaps and jumps (say 5m vertically, 10m horizontally), as well as gravitic (utilizing graviton's rather rather than magnetic fields) adhesion, this allows the wearer to work in zero g/low gravity environments/surfaces that aren't ferrous.

    The last think I really like the idea of is a FIST (Force Interface Strength Transfer) gauntlets, basically gauntlets that project form fitting force fields around the users hands, this increase the strength of their melee blows dramatically (and the impact damage of any melee weapons) FIST also has the ability to project a highly focused, short range force field (usually out to around 10m) allowing a skilled practitioner to conduct 'ranged melee combat', granting obvious advantage. FIST also allows a large degree of protection to the wearers hands, allowing them to do things with their hands that they would normally be unable to do.

    and pics if anyone is interested

    Playing Trek I always gravitated towards militant characters and had a kick ass Andorian Trachka (The Trachka is a unique branch of StarFleet and is a descended from an illustrious Andorian military unit with a long and glorious history, the Trachka are now some of the fieriest protectors of the Federation way of life) that could go toe to toe with a Klingon or Jem Hadar in melee without trouble. I also suggest you get a hold of The StarFleet Security Handbook, which discusses things like the StarFleet Rangers, Trachka and the Rapid Reaction Force if you haven't already.

    The one thing I regret most before I gave up RPG'ing is I never got the chance to try out a mixed species (a Klingon/Vulcan hybrid, a character that has the mental capacities of a Vulcan and the physical attributes of a Klingon) Federation Rapid Reaction Force team member that I think would have been a very good militant style front line Federation combat specialist.

    I also though a human augment raised by Vulcan's would make an excellent militant style front line Federation combat specialist (though obviously would have to hide his augment status or be like Bashir and workout some sort of dispensation with the Federation council so he could serve in StarFleet)
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