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Thread: The Hall of Fire....volume 2

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    The Hall of Fire....volume 2

    Hello everyone!

    In 2003, I met GandalfofBorg on the Decipher web boards - the company who designed the CODA system based Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game.

    Together, we started a monthly webzine that focused on game play for that system - whether it was rules clarifications, fan creations, Middle-earth details, or whatever. The zine was a great success and carried on into its 80th plus issue - over 7 years! Matt and I had stepped down from the webzine prior to it running its course, turning it over to some new caretakers who kept it going until the system lost most interest. Still, it was a thrill to see it keep going as long as it did.

    Thus I come to the point of this post.

    I am thinking about re-initiating the Hall of Fire webzine for the The One Ring game system. I am probing for interest from you all to see if it is worth the investment in time. Once more, the webzine would be a player contribution zine that is specifically for The One Ring mechanics. Anyone will be able to submit their own article, creation, adventures, etc.

    Where the former Hall of Fire was a monthly release, I think that I will limit the new zine to a quarterly release. It will be less taxing on the staff and will allow for more contributions to be gathered.

    Now as for anyone interested in helping with this project? We will be putting the same amount of care and professionalism into the new webzine PDF product that was in the original.

    Some might say, why create a new (or at least re-initiate a former) webzine? There are already zines out there that focus on Middle-earth (i.e. Other Hands). Yes, the Other Hands has always been an option for Middle-earth writing and creation, but it does not necessarily focus on The One Ring game system. So, why not a new, or former, webzine?

    Here is an outline and description of The Hall of Fire's content:

    Reader opinions, observations, and questions about the webzine

    It's All Optional
    House rules that have been created by players to help streamline problematic mechanics, or to open new options in the game

    Adventuring In
    The many different realms within Middle-Earth and their chronicle potential

    Fan Flavour
    Fan made cultures, callings, backgrounds, traits, spells, weapons, etc.

    Allies and Adversaries
    Featured NPC descriptions for our favorite characters that haven't been seen in any products or new NPC's created by fans

    Featured Creatures
    Fan created fell beasts and other creatures that have not been seen in any product

    The Road Goes Ever On
    Mini or side adventures submitted by fans and writers

    Trusted Locales
    Locations throughout Middle-earth where the companions might take refuge and spend a Fellowship phase

    Calling All Gamers!
    A section dedicated to advertising for game openings (local and online), RPG events, and more!

    Treasure Trove
    Short details and reviews of product releases along with what has been released thus far

    What's Out There?
    Links to major RPG websites for The One Ring here if you would find such content of worth. I will judge whether to initiate the zine based on how much response I receive. Also post here if you are interested in becoming a regular contributor to the webzine. I will be doing the layout, as I had done back in the previous iteration of the zine, but can always use help of artists and individuals who are good with design.

    The product will have no monetary value and the time invested will be on a voluntary basis. There is a payoff, though. It is seeing and hearing all of the appreciation from readers and contributors who keep the game and the zine alive.
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