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Thread: Iconic Crews in Star Trek Adventures

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    Iconic Crews in Star Trek Adventures

    And all of a sudden, Samuel Webb says it's okay for me to talk about the latest project I was working on.

    I preface this by saying I don't know when this is going to see the light of day, or in what product. I'll let Sam deal with that on his own timetable; he's kind of busy getting other books ready and a lot of pre-orders out the door, so he's got a full plate.

    There was some commentary about there not being any stats for the iconic crews from the various Star Trek TV series. A decision was made to change this. Several of the game's writers were approached with this weighty responsibility; I was one of them.

    So there are going to be stats for the main characters coming out in the not-too-distant future. All five series are being written up. I was given the honor (and the terrifying responsibility) of writing up the crews for both the Original Series and Enterprise. I hope, when they see the light of day, you'll think I've done them justice.
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    This seems like a very tall order. Good Luck!

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    Whoo, big job there, man. Best of luck, can't wait to see the results!
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