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Thread: Gauging interest for a Roll20 game using the new Modiphius RPG

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    Gauging interest for a Roll20 game using the new Modiphius RPG

    Howdy... Long-term Trek-rpg-er signing in for the first time in a while...

    I'm contemplating launching an online Roll20 game later this autumn using the new RPG. The era and ship would be up to the players. The game itself would be on alternating Monday evenings kicking off around 7:50 PM Eastern Time US, probably done by 10/10:30-ish. It wouldn't be launching right away - my gaming group is currently playing some Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea but I have to confess the itch for some Trek gaming has been hitting...
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    Definitely interested

    I'm interested in joining up on a campaign, and was going to try to GM a campaign on there myself to learn the system. I do have a couple of questions about the Campaign. 1: Which era would this be set in? 2: What ship will be getting used for this?

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    I recently tried to join a game on Roll20 and found it almost impossible to get into - very poorly set up and unintuitive. Also, it's done via live chat, so you have to be available when they want you to. I've had much better luck with (stands for Role Play On Line) which is really easy to join and navigate. I've been running a LUGTrek game there for a year and a half. It's forum based message game and you can define how you want people to interact from full shared-story to PBEM style and just about anything in between. It supports secret note-passing, PMing, multiple threads, multiple characters, et cetera. Check out

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    Roll20 was built for more D&D type of TTRPGs. However, I have been a part of several nice Forum based rps on Roll20 as well using their in game forums that used the tabletop specifically for conceptualizing where everyone was on a given turn and dice rolling. However, I do have to admit thar outside of PF/D&D that the members are quite cliquish... which can be understood with the lore intensive games when you look at the fact that it's full of "Roleplaying is Dumb" D&D Murderhobos.

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    Google Hangouts has been my go-to program for online play.
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