Morrigu Class Heavy Warbird*

Commissioned 2409

A later day refit and upgrade of the Norexian/Valdor Class Heavy Warbird commissioned by the Romulan Republic address minor issues discovered in the design, and flaws cataloged by the Tal Shiar-dominated Romulan Star Empire under Empress Sela, as well as address the looming Iconian threat. Republic engineers, along with assistance from Federation and Klingon allies (who preferred the significantly less treacherous Republic over the Empire) worked to improve the design to make it more robust and on technological parity with the RSE, The Federation, and the Klingon Empire for the Iconian War.

Capabilities: The Morrigu class has been given a complete structural make over to increase it’s relative structural integrity, weapons performance, and computer response. The Romulan Republics researcher have also worked to upgrade sensor systems and software packages to resist hacking attempts as well as a general overall performance upgrade with advanced computer technology derived from intelligence stolen by Tal Shiar defectors. Feedback during the Iconian War and post war status has vindicated the upgrades and the
Republic stands ready to make the ship a standard upgrade and production model for the Republic

Scale 6

Comms 9 Engines 11 Structure 11
Computers 10 Sensors 11 Weapons 10

Command +1 Security +1 Science 0
Conn 0 Engineering +1 Medicine 0

• Disruptor Array
• Disruptor Cannons
• Plasma Torpedoes Or Singularity Torpedoes
• Tractor Beam (Strength 5)

• Cloaking Device
• Improved Singularity Drive
• Improved Shield Recharge
• Secondary Reactors