FASA STCS Template

Ship Data
Construction Data:
Class- VI
Model- A-5
Date Entering Service- 2301
Number Produced- 1
Dimensional Data:
Length- 210 meters
Width- 175 meters
Height- 30 meters
Weight- 61,000 mt
Atmospheric Entry/Landing- None
Control Computer Type- Mk V
Stealth Device Type- None
Power to Activate- N/A
Cargo Data:
Cargo Capacity- 185 SCU
Metric Tonnage- 9,250 mt
Transporter Data:
7-person- 1
18-person Emergency- 1
Cargo, Large- 2
Cargo, Small- 2
Personnel Data:
Crew- 43
Passengers- 70
Troops- 70
Shuttlecraft- None
Engine Data:
Total Power- 52
Movement Point Ratio- 4/1
Warp Engine Type- OWA-2
Number- 2
Power Provided- 17 ea
Stress Charts- G/F
Cruising Speed- Warp 6
Emergency Speed- Warp 7
Impulse Engine Type- KIE-3
Power Provided- 18
Weapons Data:
Beam Weapon Type- KD-8
Number- 2
Firing Arcs- 1 f/p, 1 f/s
Firing Chart- U
Max Beam Power- 7
+3- 1-7
+2- 8-15
+1- 16-20
Beam Weapon Type- KD-12
Number- 1
Firing Arcs- 1a
Firing Chart- H
Max Beam Power- 9
+3- 1-3
+2- 4-8
+1- 9-10
Heavy Weapon Type- KP-6
Number- 2
Firing Arcs- 1 f/p, 1 f/s
Firing Chart- R
Power to Arm- 2
Damage- 20
Defensive System Data:
Defense Shield Type- KSN
Shield Point Ratio- 2/3
Max Shield Power- 15
Balance Codes:
D- 99.6
WDF- 39.4

When The infamous Penzance Cartel Captain Erik "Skull" Dethstrode laid low in 2296-2297, after taking down a Destroyer and two Gorn Freighters, he joined forces with over a hundred factory workers and all 124 of his old crew, and they picked a spot in the Triangle, the Class L World Bartholomew Phi to construct a new base, and to build a new raider to ruthlessly beat any pirate or naval vessel, and with some systems he gradually bought and gambled, he set to work gradually building a new vessel, making it a cross between most of hte more agile, compact Imperial Navy Ships, a Spectre, and a Bird-of-Prey, Although for three years, he and his staff had been successful, and the shuttles and Monarch-Class Freighter they had kept transporting construction supplies and food to the base, and construction went smoothly, there was one problem with their decision, they chose a world close to the IKS, and as two A-2A Scrap Dogs from the IKS began searching the Triangle for new worlds to take, they found some promising base material and an almost completed new hull, and killed Dethstrode and his crew, taking the Hull, and finishing it, having the most unique, powerful and self-sufficient ship the IKS had in a long while, and a year later, the hull, with only the designation "H920", became one of the more infamous warships in the Triangle, with numverous Federation, Klingon, Kzinti, Lyran and Orion forces trying and failing to take this gaunt, skeletonal ship, until finally, in 2307, John Harriman and the Enterprise-B arrived in the Triangle, guarding a Transport of Catullans from the H920, and seeked out that vessel, finally finding it near Kinsarra, resulting in a long, bloody battle involving strategic use of terrain, after hours which, the Enterprise-B destroyed the lone spectre.

ICON Version

Class and Type: H920, Unique Raider
Commissioning Date: 2301
Hull Characteristics
Size: 4
Resistance: 4
Structural Points: 80
Operations Characteristics
Crew/Passengers/Evac: 43/140/915 [5 Power/Round]
Computers: 2 [2 Power/Round]
Transporters: 1 Personnel, 4 Cargo, 1 Emergency [3 Power/Round]
Tractor Beams: 1 ad, 1 av, 1 fv [2 Pwr/Rtg/Rnd]
Engines and Power Data
Warp System: 5.0/6.0/7.0 (5 hours) [2/Warp Facter]
Impulse System: .5c/.7c [5/7 Power/Round]
Power: 140
Sensor Data
Long-Range Sensors: +1/15 ly [6 Power/Round]
Lateral Sensors: +1/1 ly [4 Power/Round]
Navigational Sensors: +1 [5 Power/Round]
Sensor Skill: 5
Weapons Characteristics
Type IV Disruptor
Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
Arc: All except directly aft (630 degrees)
Accuracy: 5/6/8/11
Damage: 12
Power: [12]
Type HD-XII Disruptor
Range: 6/15,000/45,000/150,000
Arc: Aft (120 degrees)
Accuracy: 5/6/8/11
Damage: 15
Power: [15]
Type VI Photon Torpedoes
Number: 180
Launchers: 1 fv
Spread: 4
Range: 15/300,000/1,000,000/3,500,000
Arc: Forward, but are self-guided
Accuracy: 4/5/8/11
Damage: 20
Power: [6]
Weapon Skill: 5
Defensive Characteristics
Type KSN Deflector Shield
Protection: 38/56
Power: [38]

CODA Version

Production Data
Origin: Imperial Klingon States
Class and Type: H920, Unique Raider
Year Launched: 2301
Hull Data
Structure: 40
Size/Decks: 5/10 decks
Length/Beam/Height: 210/175/30 meters
Complement: 43
Operational Data
Atmospheric Systems: Yes
Cargo: 50
Cloaking Device: None
Life Support System: Class 3 (D)
Operations System: Class 3 (D)
Sensors: Class 4 (+4/E)
Seperation System: None
Shuttlebay: One
Shuttlecraft: 5 size worth
Tractor Beams: 1 ad, 1 av, 1 fv
Transporters: 1 standard, 4 cargo, 1 emergency

Propulsion Data
Impulse System: SBE (.5c) (D)
Warp System: OLF-1b (wf 5/6/7) (OCU) (B)

Tactical Data
Disruptor Cannons: K-GDM-4 (x2/B)
Disruptor Cannons: K-GDH-3 (x1/B)
Penetration: 5/4/4/0/0
Photon Torpedoes: KP-6 (x2/B)
Penetration: 5/5/5/5/5
Deflector Shield: CIDSS-1 (AA)
Protection/Threshold: 13/4

Miscellaneous Data
Maneuvering: +1C +0H +3T
Traits: Struggling Warp Engines, Enhanced Disruptors