Production Data
Origin: United Federation of Planets
Class and Type: Constitution II Class Heavy Cruiser
Year Launched: 2271
Hull Data
Structure: 30
Size/Decks: 6/21 decks
Length/Beam/Height: 305/141/72 meters
Complement: 435
Operational Data
Atmospheric Systems: None
Cargo: 70
Cloaking Device: None
Life Support System: Class 4 (E)
Operations System: Class 4 (E)
Sensors: Class 3 (+3/D)
Seperation System: Emergency
Shuttlebay: One
Shuttlecraft: 6 size worth
Tractor Beams: 1 av, 1 fv
Transporters: 4 standard, 4 cargo, 4 emergency

Propulsion Data
Impulse System: RSM (.75c) (D)
Warp System: LN-60 (wf 7/8/11) (OCU) (D)

Tactical Data
Phaser Banks: Type IV (x6/B)
Penetration: 4/4/4/0/0
Photon Torpedoes: Mk 22 DF (x2/B)
Penetration: 3/3/3/3/3
Deflector Shield: PFF 3 (B)
Protection/Threshold: 14/3

Miscellaneous Data
Maneuvering: +1C +1H +3T
Traits: None

Ed Note-
From Tech fandom, and 6 of these were converted from older Heavy Cruisers and were in service alongside the Enterprise-Class.