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Thread: Lyran Quadrimaran (Poly)

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    Lyran Quadrimaran (Poly)

    Quadruplet Kittens Class Quadrimaran Battlecruiser.pnglyr-qddn.png

    The Lyrans experimented with various catamaran sections connected into a double-sized formation, with more power systems, Transporters and Labs. ONly two were built, and they were eventually destroyed fighting Andromedans in 2300.

    Stats for multiple systems coming soon.
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    FASA STCS Version

    Ship Data
    Construction Data:
    Class- IX
    Model- Type 1
    Date Entering Service- 2283
    Number Produced- 2
    Damage Chart- C
    Dimensional Data:
    Length- 336 meters
    Width- 168 meters
    Height- 45 meters
    Weight- 122,000 mt
    Atmospheric Entry/Landing- None
    Control Computer Type- LC-6
    Stealth Device Type- LECM-1
    Power to Activate- 1
    Modifier- +1
    Cargo Data:
    Cargo Capacity- 600 SCU
    Metric Tonnage- 30,000 mt
    Transporter Data:
    6-person- 4
    28-person Combat- 4
    25-person Emergency- 4
    Cargo, Large- 4
    Cargo, Small- 4
    Personnel Data:
    Crew- 225
    Passengers- 150
    Troops- 150
    Shuttlecraft- 4
    Engine Data:
    Total Power- 53
    Movement Point Ratio- 4/1
    Warp Engine Type- LWF-1
    Number- 2
    Power Provided- 22 ea
    Stress Charts- F/G
    Cruising Speed- Warp 6
    Emergency Speed- Warp 8
    Impulse Engine Type- LIC-2
    Power Provided- 9
    Weapons Data:
    Beam Weapon Type- LD-8
    Number- 8
    Firing Arcs- 4 f/p, 4 f/s
    Firing Chart- X
    Max Beam Power- 7
    +3- 1-8
    +2- 9-16
    +1- 17-22
    Beam Weapon Type- LD-3
    Number- 12
    Firing Arcs- 6 p/a, 6 s/a
    Firing Chart- G
    Max Beam Power- 3
    ESG Type- ESG-3
    Number- 1
    Power/Damage Ratio- 1/3
    Max Damage- 18
    Defensive System Data:
    Defense Shield Type- LSJ
    Shield Point Ratio- 1/2
    Max Shield Power- 15
    Balance Codes:
    D- 72.0
    WDF- 70.0

    After hastily putting together pairs of modular Catamaran segments, these two Double-Size Battlecruisers were developed and put into service in the General War, destroying numerous Kzinti vessels. They had just below the necessary amount of Power, strong Shielding, and large numbers of Transporter and Lab Facilities.
    Both were destroyed by Andromedan Motherships in 2300.

    ICON Version

    Class and Type: Quadruplet Kittens-Class Battlecruiser
    Commissioning Date: 2283
    Hull Characteristics
    Size: 6
    Resistance: 3
    Structural Points: 120
    Operations Characteristics
    Crew/Passengers/Evac: 225/300/2625 [7 Power/Round]
    Computers: 4 [4 Power/Round]
    Transporters: 4 Personnel, 4 Assault, 8 Cargo, 4 Emergency [10 Power/Round]
    Tractor Beams: 2 avp, 2 avs [2 Pwr/Rtg/Rnd]
    Engines and Power Data
    Warp System: 4.0/6.0/8.0 (9 hours) [2/Warp Facter]
    Impulse System: .5c/.8c [5/8 Power/Round]
    Power: 140
    Sensor Data
    Long-Range Sensors: +1/14 ly [6 Power/Round]
    Lateral Sensors: +1/1 ly [4 Power/Round]
    Navigational Sensors: +1 [5 Power/Round]
    Sensor Skill: 4
    Weapons Characteristics
    Type VIII Lyran Disruptor
    Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
    Arc: All except directly aft (630 degrees)
    Accuracy: 5/6/8/11
    Damage: 12
    Power: [12]
    Type III Lyran Disruptor
    Range: 6/15,000/45,000/150,000
    Arc: All except directly Forward (630 degrees)
    Accuracy: 5/6/8/11
    Damage: 5
    Power: [5]
    Type III Expanding Sphere Generator
    Arc: 1 km surrounding the Ship
    Accuracy: 5/6/8/11
    Damage: 18
    Power: [14]
    Weapon Skill: 4
    Defensive Characteristics
    Type IIIg Deflector Shield
    Protection: 38/56
    Power: [38]

    CODA Version

    Production Data
    Origin: Lyran Star Empire
    Class and Type: Quadruplet Kittens-Class Quadrimaran Battlecruiser
    Year Launched: 2283
    Hull Data
    Structure: 35
    Size/Decks: 6/13 decks
    Length/Beam/Height: 336/168/45 meters
    Complement: 225
    Operational Data
    Atmospheric Systems: None
    Cargo: 80
    Cloaking Device: None
    Life Support System: Class 2R (CC)
    Operations System: Class 2R (CC)
    Sensors: Class 3a (+3/CC)
    Seperation System: None
    Shuttlebay: One
    Shuttlecraft: 6 size worth
    Tractor Beams: 1 fvp, 1 fvs
    Transporters: 4 standard, 4 assault, 8 cargo, 4 emergency

    Propulsion Data
    Impulse System: RSV (.7c) (D)
    Warp System: PB-32 (wf 6/7/8) (OCU) (D)

    Tactical Data
    Disruptor Banks: L-GDM-4 (x4/C)
    Disruptor Banks: L-GDM-1 (x6/C)
    Penetration: 5/5/4/0/0
    Expanding Sphere Generator: ESG-3 (x2/B)
    Penetration: 6/0/0/0/0
    Deflector Shield: PFF 3 (B)
    Protection/Threshold: 14/3

    Miscellaneous Data
    Maneuvering: +3C +0H +3T
    Traits: None
    "Always beware of anything said by a person with a smile." -Cronan-sama

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    Addenda; - Complete SSD.
    "Always beware of anything said by a person with a smile." -Cronan-sama

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