Orion Herdwolf Class Light Raider.png

Ed Note-
Like a few of the Wolf 359 TNG Ships, this ship has Marker Pens for Nacelles. :-)

It can sometimes be said that the Orions and Romulans enjoyed melding their own aesthetics and equipment with those of the Klingons, while the Lyrans were content to take in thousands of fighters and shuttles, and the occasional engine parts, and this vessel, a unique build, was based mostly around some taller, thicker lumbering Klingon Designs, although the Nacelles and Command Pod were cheap 15-Year old Orion reliable, named for a crafty lone wolf that would prey on sheep, although some have estimated this name to come from wolf or werewolf-like predators on some Orion/Triangle World, or some relic from the Carnivon's time as a -1X/0Xe Power in the Galaxy, none of this has been confirmed, and the ship was part of Prime Industries as an enforcer and watcher, punishing the cartel's own, and opposing cartels' ships, and sometimes viewed as one of the few cruisers the Orion Pirates had (although many Orion vessels were referred to as Cruisers, this, like Klingon "Battlecruiser", was typically general layman's assumption, and the occasional odd translation, and dubious as a serious fact), the vessel served on for 49 years, before being retired and brought to New New Aberdeen for checking out by the top-notch engineers, some learning and salvaging of a few parts, and retiring it to the New New Aberdeen Starflight Museum, which, like several of Prime Industries' more arm-twisting deals, led to them getting paid a ridiculously giant amount.

Ship Data
Construction Data:
Class- V
Model- A-1
Date Entering Service- 2304
Number Produced- 1
Superstructure- 25
Damage Chart- C
Dimensional Data:
Length- 256 meters
Width- 114 meters
Height- 37 meters
Weight- 49,805 mt
Atmospheric Entry/Landing- None
Control Computer Type- Mk IV
Stealth Device Type- RCB
Power to Activate- 10
Cargo Data:
Cargo Capacity- 180 SCU
Metric Tonnage- 9,000 mt
Transporter Data:
8-person- 1
13-person Emergency- 1
18-person Emergency- 1
Cargo, Large- 1
Cargo, Small- 2
Personnel Data:
Crew- 71
Passengers- 29
Troops- 0
Shuttlecraft- 5
Engine Data:
Total Power- 40
Movement Point Ratio- 3/1
Warp Engine Type- OWA-2
Number- 2
Power Provided- 17 ea
Stress Charts- G/F
Cruising Speed- Warp 7
Emergency Speed- Warp 8
Impulse Engine Type- KID-1
Power Provided- 6
Weapons Data:
Beam Weapon Type- KD-8
Number- 1
Firing Arcs- 1f
Firing Chart- U
Max Beam Power- 7
+3- 1-7
+2- 8-15
+1- 16-20
Beam Weapon Type- OD-2
Number- 8
Firing Arcs- 2f, 1 f/p, 1 f/s, 2 p/a, 2 s/a
Firing Chart- J
Max Beam Power- 3
+2- 1-5
+1- 6-10
Drone Rack Type- KDN-6
Number per Rack- 2
Number of Racks- 2
MUs- 4
Endurance- 5 turns
Power to Arm- 1
Damage- 8 ea
Heavy Weapon Type- GP-4
Number- 1
Firing Arcs- 1f
Firing Chart- K
Power to Arm- 2
Damage- 16
Defensive System Data:
Defense Shield Type- FSK
Shield Point Ratio- 1/2
Max Shield Power- 16
Balance Codes:
D- 97.8
WDF- 40.8

Ed Note-
In 2311, This vessel's Mirror Universe Counterpart, which was built for a third of the price, and it's renegade Human, Romulan and Skorr crew were trying to harness Transwarp, when it accidentily crossed dimensions into Eta Universe, and travelled for two days, arriving in the WYN Star Cluster, it's crew eagerly trading the rare gems and foods in it's hold, getting rich, and after thinking it over, becoming part of the WYN Defense Force.