Klingon D-72 Kinzhid Class IX Heavy Battlecruiser.png

D-72 Khinzid Class IX War Cruiser

Ship Data
Construction Data:
Class- IX
Model- A
Date Entering Service- 2290
Number Produced- 5
Superstructure- 36
Damage Chart- C
Dimensional Data:
Length- 240 meters
Width- 220 meters
Height- 32 meters
Weight- 120,680 mt
Atmospheric Entry/Landing- None
Control Computer Type- ZD-7
Stealth Device Type- None
Power to Activate- N/A
Cargo Data:
Cargo Capacity- 350 SCU
Metric Tonnage- 17,500 mt
Transporter Data:
6-person- 4
18-person Combat- 3
13-person Emergency- 3
Cargo, Large- 0
Cargo, Small- 3
Personnel Data:
Crew- 269 (Officers- 49 Enlisted- 220)
Passengers- 18
Troops- 150
Shuttlecraft- 8
Engine Data:
Total Power- 69
Movement Point Ratio- 4/1
Warp Engine Type- KWC-3
Number- 2
Power Provided- 23 ea
Stress Charts- L/O
Cruising Speed- Warp 8
Emergency Speed- Warp 9
Impulse Engine Type- KIF-2
Power Provided- 23
Weapons Data:
Beam Weapon Type- KD-8
Number- 2
Firing Arcs- 1f, 1a
Firing Chart- U
Max Beam Power- 7
+3- 1-7
+2- 8-15
+1- 16-20
Beam Weapon Type- KD-11
Number- 12
Firing Arcs- 2 f/p, 2 f/s, 1p, 1s, 3 p/a, 3 s/a
Firing Chart- F
Max Beam Power- 5
+2- 1-5
+1- 6-8
Heavy Weapon Type- KP-7
Number- 2
Firing Arcs- 1f, 1a
Firing Chart- W
Power to Arm- 2
Damage- 20
Drone Rack Type- KDN-6
Number- 6; - plus 1 anti-drone
Number of Racks- 2
MUs- 4
Endurance- 5 turns
Power to Arm- 1
Damage- 8
Defensive System Data:
Defense Shield Type- KSO
Shield Point Ratio- 1/2
Max Shield Power- 15
Balance Codes:
D- 121.5
WDF- 61.6

The D-72 was one of the first moving towards the tendency to have large numbers of wide-arc disruptor cannons, as well as have heavier forward (and aft, in this case, and just a stronger normal model, instead of the KDC Heavy Cannons that would follow), and was more compact, using all-new parts and smaller, high-efficiency Warp Engines, something that made Klingons and ISC capable of producing smaller warships much deadlier than vessels twice their size, as well as being a short-range, high damage "War Cruiser", preparing, for the border clashes with the Federation to turn into a new war ahead, although instead, Praxis exploded, the Khitomer Accords were signed, and the War Cruisers saw use against the ISC and Andromedan several times, the last finally destroyed taking out a Xorkaelian Heavy Battlecruiser in 2339.