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Thread: Malidon Class (Poly)

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    Malidon Class (Poly)

    Ship Data
    Construction Data:
    Class- XIII
    Model- Type A
    Date Entering Service-2/9605.06 [May 6th, 2357]
    Number Produced- 22
    Superstructure- 46
    Damage Chart- C
    Dimensional Data:
    Length- 265 meters
    Width- 252 meters
    Height- 52 meters
    Weight- 220,080 mt
    Atmospheric Entry/Landing- None
    Control Computer Type- ZD-18
    Stealth Device Type- KCE
    Power to Activate- 68
    Cargo Data:
    Cargo Capacity- 269 SCU
    Metric Tonnage- 13,460 mt
    Transporter Data:
    6-person- 2
    18-person Combat- 6
    13-person Emergency- 3
    Cargo, Large- 1
    Cargo, Small- 2
    Personnel Data:
    Crew- 295
    Passengers- 35
    Troops- 440
    Shuttlecraft- 8
    Engine Data:
    Total Power- 100
    Movement Point Ratio- 4/1
    Warp Engine Type- KWJ-1
    Number- 2
    Power Provided- 38 ea
    Stress Charts- D/F
    Cruising Speed- Warp 9
    Emergency Speed- Warp 9.2
    Impulse Engine Type- KIL-2
    Power Provided- 24
    Weapons Data:
    Beam Weapon Type- KDR-9
    Number- 10
    Firing Arcs- 2 f/p, 2 f/s, 3 a/p, 3 a/s
    Firing Chart- W
    Max Beam Power- 12
    +3- 1-6
    +2- 7-9
    +1- 10-20
    Heavy Weapon Type- KP-7
    Number- 2
    Firing Arcs- 1f, 1a
    Firing Chart- W
    Power to Arm- 2
    Damage- 20
    Defensive System Data:
    Defense Shield Type- KSV
    Shield Point Ratio- 1/4
    Max Shield Power- 26
    Balance Codes:
    D- 243.8
    WDF- 116.3

    Utilizing an L-9 Command Pod, the Malidon-Class, named for a prominent Marine from the 17th Century, in the Wet Navy Days of the Klingon Empire, was a more compact, nimble cousin of the KDF-1 Vor'Cha, and made use of it's fire and agility to overwhelm enemies, operating somewhat more as a solitary fighter than many Klingon Cruisers and Frigates.
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    Class and Type: KDL-7 Malidon-Class Heavy Frigate
    Commissioning Date: 2357
    Hull Characteristics
    Size: 5
    Resistance: 4
    Structural Points: 100
    Operations Characteristics
    Crew/Troops/Passengers/Evac: 295/440/35/3850 [7 Power/Round]
    Computers: 3 [3 Power/Round]
    Transporters: 2 Personnel, 6 Assault, 3 Cargo, 3 Emergency [7 Power/Round]
    Tractor Beams: 1 av, 1 fv [2 Pwr/Rtg/Rnd]
    Engines and Power Data
    Warp System: 5.0/9.0/9.2 (6 hours) [2/Warp Facter]
    Impulse System: .6c/.85c [6/8 Power/Round]
    Power: 140
    Sensor Data
    Long-Range Sensors: +2/13 ly [6 Power/Round]
    Lateral Sensors: +2/1 ly [4 Power/Round]
    Navigational Sensors: +1 [5 Power/Round]
    Sensor Skill: 4
    Weapons Characteristics
    Type VII Disruptor
    Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
    Arc: All (720 degrees)
    Accuracy: 4/5/7/10
    Damage: 18
    Power: [18]
    Type II Photon Torpedoes
    Number: 180
    Launchers: 1 av, 1 fv
    Spread: 4
    Range: 15/300,000/1,000,000/3,500,000
    Arc: Forward and Aft, but are self-guided
    Accuracy: 4/5/7/10
    Damage: 20
    Power: [5]
    Weapon Skill: 5
    Defensive Characteristics
    Type Va Deflector Shield
    Protection: 54/75
    Power: [54]
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    Production Data
    Origin: Klingon Empire
    Class and Type: Maldion-Class Heavy Frigate
    Year Launched: 2257
    Hull Data
    Structure: 5s
    Size/Decks: 6/9 decks
    Length/Beam/Height: 265/252/52 meters
    Complement: 295
    Operational Data
    Atmospheric Systems: None
    Cargo: 55
    Cloaking Device: Class 3 (Rating 20)
    Life Support System: Class 2R (CC)
    Operations System: Class 4 (E)
    Sensors: Class 2a (+2/BB)
    Seperation System: Emergency
    Shuttlebay: One
    Shuttlecraft: 6 size worth
    Tractor Beams: 1 av, 1 fv
    Transporters: 2 standard, 6 assault, 3 cargo, 3 emergency

    Propulsion Data
    Impulse System: K-HEU-6 (.9c) (D)
    Warp System: LF-20 (wf 6/7/9.2) (MCU) (C)

    Tactical Data
    Disruptor Cannons: K-GDM-5 (x5/D)
    Penetration: 6/6/6/0/0
    Photon Torpedoes: KP-8 (x2/B)
    Penetration: 5/5/5/5/5
    Deflector Shield: CIDSS-4 (BB)
    Protection/Threshold: 16/3

    Miscellaneous Data
    Maneuvering: +2C +1H +3T
    Traits: None
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