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Thread: FASA's Lost Modules

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    FASA's Lost Modules

    It's true that the FASA Corporation released two TNG Manuals, as well as Operation Armageddon, which would have had all-out war, larger scale campaigning to gaming, but there were other products in the works. Many of these were never completed, and a few never even got started when FASA lost it's License.

    -TNG 2nd and 3rd Year Sourcebooks. Both would cover new races
    from their season, various updated versions of the TNG
    Characters, as well as new ones like Guinan and Dr. Leah Brahms,
    Ship Statistics for the Borg, Enterprise-C and Romulan
    Type A Scout Ship, and some star system/base data.
    -ST:V Sourcebook, which has not been shown, as to how much of it
    was completed, but it, like III and IV, would cover a timeline,
    information on the politics of the star nations, as well as
    Sybok, mythology of at least nine races, and Statistics for
    Klaa and the Type I Shuttlecraft.
    -Miniatures for the Galaxy-Class and Ferengi D'kora-Class Merauder,
    the Galaxy-Class actually separating.
    -Ed Whitefire's Deckplans for the Galaxy-Class, printed onto
    RPG Cube-Spaces (which suggest little bulletlike Cargo Shuttles
    with warp sleds, likely his doodling)
    -Starfleet Diplomatics Manual, with more of a focus on TNG.
    -Gorn, Orion and Ferengi Ship Recognition Manuals, as well
    as a Ship Recognition Manual covering Yachts (Talk About Running Out Of Ideas)
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    The Wikipedia article for the FASA Star Trek The Role Playing Game has a list of advertised but unpublished materials.

    At one point in time on Facebook, Richard Arnold (the infamous assistant to Gene Roddenberry at Paramount) claimed there was also a sourcebook for the Gorn race produced by FASA. But I've never been able to confirm this through any other sources.

    I'd love to see any rough notes or drafts of the books.

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    Any information on who the writers of those books would've been?
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    No idea who the writers would have been, but a partial list of announced projects was the Starfleet Marines Sourcebook, the Federation Civilians Sourcebook, the afore-mentioned Gorn Supplement and a Gorn Starship Recognition Manual. Gene Roddenberry and Richard Arnold are said to have personally nixed the Marines book as "too militaristic". It's all 30+ year old hearsay rumours, though.

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    Fasa Starfleet Marines books

    Has anyone obtained a copy of the FASA Starfleet Marines? Any idea where to get a copy, heck even a PDF to read would be great!!

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