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Thread: GDPR and TrekRPGnet

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    GDPR and TrekRPGnet

    While TrekRPGNet never have been located within the European Union, and isn't a company nor an organization, we might still be affected by it as I am an EU citizen. So here is a bit on GDPR in relation to this forum.

    It is also currently unclear what GDPR means for a privately run non-commercial site like this, but from my understanding of it, we already are complying with the new law.

    TDLR; nothing really changes as we don't share information with anyone, we don't collect anything more than the forum platform needs, we don't do anything else with any data than running the site. We also remove any user that request it, as long we can validate it is the user in question.

    GDPR is about information that can be used to identify a person; and connected with that, personal data. However, it is not only about obvious identifiers like physical home address and social security number, but email addresses, etc.

    What this site collects, and why: Username, email address, and we log the IP-number for each post.
    • The username is so each member have a unique identifier within the forum.
    • The email address is used to be able to send notifier for those that use it, and to make it possible to reset the password if the former one is lost.
    • The IP-addresses are to detect spam bots, and find users that are trying to circumvent the forum rules by creating new accounts (for example a ban).

    The information is collected to provide its functionality, and we do not use this information in any way outside the site software. The information is collected within the database of the software is using.

    We do not share this information with any external part.

    Depending the choice of username and email address, those can be of various degrees of anonymization. I for example use my real last name in my username, and on several occasion have posted my first name, which gives a strong connection to who I am. A made up username, that is not used anywhere else, gives a higher level of anonymity.

    Deleting an account
    The have the username and email address removed, contact me either through PM here on the Forum, or email me on the address stated under "contact us" from the email address you are registered with here.

    If you do not have access to the email address you have registered here, and not remember your password so you can log in and send a PM, then there is not much we can do to validate it is your account.


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    Thank you, Magnus, for bringing this up and explaining it so, that all of us can understand, what this GDPR means, at least for us here at Thanks again for keeping our 'home' alive and open.
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