Wildfire Squadron: Standing on the precipice of Defeat.

The year is 2373, the date well its close to new years eve. The Federation and its allies the Klingon Empire is at war, The Dominion have invaded the Alpha Quadrant with the help of the Cardassian Union. Deep Space Nine has fallen into enemy hands and with it control of the Bajoran Wormhole, good luck using it to bring re-enforcements through boys. The war has not been kind on the Federation, a succession of big defeats and heavy losses on the front lines leave most fearing for what seems like the inevitable defeat.

Captain James Williams has taken commander of the USS Exeter and in doing so has taken on the responsibility of commanding one of the fleet Carriers. Captain Williams however was left in a crux, the ships former Chief Aviator was killed along with the ships former commanding officer. Williams knew that he needed his own CAG but more than that he knew that he would need his own XO.

Commander Jack Arthur comes highly recommended. decorated but at lose ends and finding comfort at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Williams found the man in a bar on Risa, it was here that Jack Arthur attempted to knock his block off. Williams had a hard time reconciling the shell of a man he met with the service record and recommendations he received. Jack Arthur as brilliant as he is had suffered the loss of his brother in the early days of the war, something that left him damaged.

Williams offered him the position as ship XO and then asked him to take on the position as CAG. Knowing that the younger man would not be happy unless he was flying it was for the best to offer him both. Jack accepted the position and in doing so said that he would create his own squadron and that recruitment for said squadron would be solely down to him. The Captain could offer his imput but the final say would be Jack's.

The end result is Wildfire Squadron, the best of the best according to Jack. Flight jockeys and their co pilots willing to do whatever it takes to bring them home and win the war for the Federation.

Available Key positions


Co Pilots

Squadron Leader


Chief of the deck (Think Battlestar)

Strategical Operations Manager

Intelligence officer

NOTE: This is a fighter sim not a ship sim... though their are open positions on board ship the priority is to fill the fighter squadron.