I've recently got both SFCII Orion Pirates and the STCS Game by Jason Robinson fully operational, and I've brought a =bunch of modded ships both both games.

Including the Galaxy Voyagers.
Some of you are wondering what they are: In addition to doing Micro Machines for Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Starship Troopers, Power Rangers and Spiderman, Galoob also made up a bunch of original Sci-Fi ships called Galaxy Voyagers, with bizarre weapons and power systems, including a number of Phaser types, and for some bizarre reason, I thought they had something to do with Star Trek: Voyager, all because of the naming similarities. Heh.

I've made counters and statistic files for some of the Galaxy Voyagers, and Don Miller and I for SFB and STCS did statistics for them. My favourite Galaxy Voyagers are the Gloid, a race of giant, guant skeletal beings.


Attached are two screenshots of the JR STCS game with the Galaxy Voyagers in action. The purple Pirathon Ship is an actual counter made from the top view of one of the Micro Machines.

Micro Machines Match.pngMicro Machines Match II.png