Brief and contentious as his association with the show might have been, Mr. Ellison's "City On the Edge of Forever" will remain as the go-to episode for those who want to inculcate new arrivals as to the best that Star Trek - regardless of which genus/iteration we might be discussing - ever had. I met Mr. Ellison once, at Ryerson University (then College) back in '86; I still have the signed copy of Deathbird Stories at an arm's grasp. I'll just give all thanks and appreciations that we were allowed the privilege of being able to participate with the results of his talent, dedication, and undying grasp at The Best Story Possible. I will watch "City On the Edge of Forever" again and hope, work and strive for the best possible games and stories I can create to let Harlan Ellison know that, no matter how many/few of us are left, the need to tell a story that builds and rebuilds a world will be humanity's defining trait. Harlan Ellison: Thank you forever.