Here is an STCS version of the D'rel, matching closely the ICON systems Greg Hughes gave it in production.

Construction Data:

Model Numbers- Type A
Ship Class- IV
Date Entering Service- 2/1202.13 (February 13th, 2270)
Number Constructed- 60
Hull Data:
Superstructure Points- 10
Damage Chart- C
Length- 140 meters
Width- 98 meters
Height- 24 meters
Weight- 36,250 tons
Cargo Units- 25 units
Cargo Capacity- 1,250 tons
Landing Capability- None
Equipment Data:
Control Computer Type- ZD-4
Cloaking Device Type- KCB
Power To Activate- 22
Standard 6-person- 1
Combat 18-person- 0
Emergency 13-person- 0
cargo large- 0
cargo small- 1
Other Data:
Crew- 15
Passengers- 2
Troops- 0
Shuttlecraft- 2
Engines and Power Data:
Total Power Units Available- 27
Movement Point Ratio- 2/1
Warp Engine Type- KWB-2
Number- 2
Power Provided- 12 ea
Stress Charts- P/Q
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed- Warp 8
Emergency Speed- Warp 9
Impulse Engine Type- KIB-1
Impulse Engine Output- 3
Weapons and Firing Data:
Beam Weapon Type- KD-14
Number- 4
Firing Arcs- 2 f/p, 2 f/s
Firing Chart- D
Max Beam Power- 8
+2 - (1-6)
Missile Weapon Type- KP-1
Number- 1
Firing Arcs- 1f
Firing Chart- F
Power To Arm- 1
Damage- 6
Shields Data:
Deflector Shield Type- KSF
Shield Point Ratio- 2/3
Maximum Shield Power- 12
Defense Factor- 40.5
Weapon Damage Factor- 9.5