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Thread: Simulator Races (Poly)

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    Simulator Races (Poly)

    They are made up to simulate real-world vehicles, to be a bizarre little joke, or to train officers to deal with an enemy never before encountered. The Klingons developed the FRAX, based on Wet Navy Vessels from their past, in around 2230, the Flivvers were developed in 2263, but soon found in a data archive by Starfleet Intelligence and used also by the Federation, other simulator Races were developed in the 2230s to 2270s.

    Bizarre Movement and use of Weapons in Opt Mounts not normally possible occur in the Simulators, and even a simulator race, the ISimC has been developed, like ISC ships with Proton Torpedoes, done to explore how strange and intrusive the ISC could be.
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