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Thread: More Various New Ships (Poly, usually STCS)

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    More Various New Ships (Poly, usually STCS)

    The Z-10 Vaporhawk was one of the 24-36 dozen new designs pushed through by the Romulans in the 2290s and 2300s in an attempt to build up the Star Navy to deal with the suddenly much larger Presence of the Klingon Empire, and the Grand Alliance, composed of Federation-Kzinti-Gorn. Even more than other Romulan Capital Ships, it is more of a Poor Man's Battlecruiser than an actual Battleship, and with efficient cloaking and long-range weaponry, has easily functioned as a lone ambusher.
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    Lyran Margola Class Battlecruiser.png

    Hydran Tank Knight Class Destroyer.png

    These were more Lyran and Hydran Warships developed in an attempt to field more advanced 2Xe ships, and while they were uncommon in the 2290s, they became more of a prominent sight in the early 24th century, with 46 of each being built.
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    Romulan Z-85 Class Battleship.png

    This is the Romulan Ship from Temporal Graphics in 1988. I got the Blueprint Sheet for it and the Olympus Class Dreadnought. Unfortunately, unlike the Paladin Class Scout/Destroyer, they don't have any STCS Statistics, so I made them up.

    The ship is probably just another interpretation of the Type B D'Deridex Warbird based on limited early-TNG data, but I've treated it like another, different Class of Ship, and gave it the 4 Plasma Weapons, 12 Torpedo Launchers, and Several Disruptors the Blueprints said it had.
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