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    Amegas Neia (STCS)

    Amegas Neia Class XV Light Cruiser

    Construction Data:

    Model Numbers- Mk IA
    Ship Class- XV
    Date Entering Service- 40018.5
    Number Constructed- 11
    Hull Data:
    Superstructure Points- 55
    Damage Chart- C
    Length- 353 meters
    Width- 177 meters
    Height- 53 meters
    Weight- 346,420 tons
    Cargo Units- 370 units
    Cargo Capacity- 18,500 tons
    Landing Capability- None
    Equipment Data:
    Control Computer Type- M-8A
    Cloaking Device Type- None
    Power To Activate- N/A
    Standard 6-person- 6
    Emergency 22-person- 9
    cargo large- 4
    cargo small- 8
    Other Data:
    Crew- 745
    Passengers- 110
    Shuttlecraft- 12
    Engines and Power Data:
    Total Power Units Available- 128
    Movement Point Ratio- 6/1
    Warp Engine Type- FIWA-1
    Number- 2
    Power Provided- 48 ea
    Stress Charts- D/E
    Maximum Safe Cruising Speed- Warp 6
    Emergency Speed- Warp 7.5
    Impulse Engine Type- FIG-2
    Impulse Engine Output- 32
    Weapons and Firing Data:
    Beam Weapon Type- FH-16
    Number- 3
    Firing Arcs- 2 f/p/s, 1a
    Firing Chart- Y
    Max Beam Power- 20
    +3 - (1-10)
    +2 - (11-17)
    +1 - (18-26)
    Missile Weapon Type- FP-10
    Number- 2
    Firing Arcs- 1f, 1a
    Firing Chart- S
    Power To Arm- 1
    Damage- 30
    Shields Data:
    Deflector Shield Type- FSS-M
    Shield Point Ratio- 1/4
    Maximum Shield Power- 22
    Defense Factor- 179.1
    Weapon Damage Factor- 205.0

    This is a bizarre doodling, using 1st Year Sourcebook Systems from, being one od numerous possible ships from the protoformed TNG era.
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