Another Pakled Ship, made with the gRandom Pakled Starship generator.

Raiding Ship Nacho Belcher

Construction Data:

Model Numbers- Mk I
Ship Class- X
Date Entering Service- 2/9905.25 (May 25th, 2360)
Number Constructed- 1
Hull Data:
Superstructure Points- 52
Damage Chart- B
Length- 392 meters
Width- 170 meters
Height- 55 meters
Weight- 140,000 tons
Cargo Units- 882 units
Cargo Capacity- 44,100 tons
Landing Capability- None
Equipment Data:
Control Computer Type- NICA
Cloaking Device Type- None
Power To Activate- N/A
Standard 5-person- 1
cargo large- 1
cargo small- 1
Other Data:
Crew- 140
Passengers- 30
Shuttlecraft- 4
Engines and Power Data:
Total Power Units Available- 82
Movement Point Ratio- 5/1
Warp Engine Type- KEWA-1
Number- 2
Power Provided- 28 ea
Stress Charts- O/O
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed- Warp 6
Emergency Speed- Warp 8
Impulse Engine Type- GAIA-2b
Impulse Engine Output- 26
Weapons and Firing Data:
Beam Weapon Type- TBL-5
Number- 1
Firing Arcs- p
Firing Chart- R
Max Beam Power- 7
Drone Rack Type- KUDN-1
Number- 5 per Rack
Racks- 1
MUs- 2
Endurance- 1 turn
Power To Arm- 1
Damage- 7 ea
Beam Weapon Type- NXB-1
Firing Arcs- a/p
Firing Chart- G
Max Beam Power- 10
Missile Weapon Type- HP-1
Firing Arcs- f
Firing Chart- N
Power to Arm- 2
Damage- 4
Missile Weapon Type- MIP-3
Firing Arcs- f/s
Firing Chart- J
Power to Arm- 2
Damage- 8
Beam Weapon Type- MEH-2
Firing Arcs- f/s
Firing Chart- N
Max Beam Power- 9
Beam Weapon Type- IB-3
Firing Arcs- f
Firing Chart- F
Max Beam Power- 10
Beam Weapon Type- PEG-2
Firing Arcs- a
Firing Chart- H
Max Beam Power- 10
Beam Weapon Type- OLAF-1
Firing Arcs- f/s
Firing Chart- M
Max Beam Power- 7
Beam Weapon Type- OLAF-2
Firing Arcs- a/s
Firing Chart- L
Max Beam Power- 5
Beam Weapon Type- QHB-1
Firing Arcs- a
Firing Chart- D
Max Beam Power- 10
Shields Data:
Deflector Shield Type- FSR-2
Shield Point Ratio- 1/5
Maximum Shield Power- 20
Defense Factor- 145.0
Weapon Damage Factor- 30.4

a ship composed of five badly connected boxy sections with a small spherical front section containing the Bridge, and a pair of boxy nacelles held just below the main hull. This was one of the most powerful Pakled Vessels, often ambushing freighters and transports, and has even been known to sometimes attack larger Naval Vessels. It was destroyed by the U.S.S Yorktown in 2389, and it was commanded by the architect and merchant turned pirate Dropnignup