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Thread: How is Decipher's Star Trek RPG?

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    How is Decipher's Star Trek RPG?

    I have played FASA Star Trek and tried LUGs Star Trek but I have not tried Decipher's yet.
    I hear mixed things - some people swear by it while others just swear at it.

    I want to know why those of you who play - play - if possible.



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    Sorry, it's been a LONG time since I've been active on the forum, so hopefully you haven't wandered off...

    I LOVE the Decipher Star Trek RPG!

    Character generation can be a bit cumbersome, as the layout of the Player's Guide is a smidge counterintuitive, (but there's a helpful guide on Patrick Goodman's site as I recall...) but once genned you are a competent Starfleet Officer without the usual incompetence of beginning level characters. (That doesn't mean you're ready for the slingshot maneuver, but hey...)

    Mechanically, it feels like the love-child of the old West End Star Wars d6 system and the d20 system. For genre emulation, other than the fact that security officers are hard to kill, it emulates Trek exceedingly well. And the system is designed to cover all eras from Enterprise to Voyager.
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