I have recently been fascinated by megastructures (smaller than Dyson Spheres as they have been discussed here already), in particular O'Neill cylinders, McKendree cylinders (including the small ones and the mega one's) and Banks Orbital's and was wondering how well they would translate into SpaceDock, understanding that these megastructures would stretch the system to the limit. Does anyone have large space station/mega space habitat conversion figures for SpaceDock (or have extrapolated Space Dock sizing to suit a 1000km radius/10,000km length structure with 63 million km square living space [the largest of the McKendree cylinders])




A string of the largest McKendree cylinders (usually done in pairs so as to mitigate certain problems with their spin (which is used to create artificial gravity via centripetal force.), as in 4 pairs would have 504m km square in living space, just short of Earth's total surface area and would be a great basis for a Type 2 civilizations habitat
(so they would create a Dyson swarm of solar collectors to harvest the entire power output of a small star (say a Red Dwarf) and 'beam' that power to their string of McKendree cylinders).
I want to be able to quantify in SpaceDock format the Dyson Swarms solar collector satellites (which is easy and I already could do this with space dock) , the power transfer station/s (again easy as these stations would not have to be too big and will fit within the expanded rules I have) and the string of McKendree cylinders.