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    An obscure Journey to Babel Member Race.

    STR- 45+3d10
    END- 45+3d10
    INT- 40+3d10
    DEX- 35+3d10
    CHR- 35+3d10
    LUC- 1d100-20
    PSI- 1d100-40

    Full Maturation- 15 years
    Middle Age- 40 years
    Death by Aging- 60-70 years

    Joined the UFP in 2225.
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    Thanks for this! An interesting race to mix into the game

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    Seems whoever came up with the stat block didn't bother to read the actual article. The article says that the average Dayen lives 75 years, but the stat block says "death by aging- 60-70 years." Why the rapid life span? By the article, they seem to live slightly longer than the average 21st century Western Human, so the life cycle should be about the same.

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