Name: Kiroth Sutai Reshtarc
DOB: 10-17-2257
Race: Imperial Klingon


STR- 69
END- 52
INT- 58
DEX- 68
CHR- 30
LUC- 15
PSI- 01

COmbat Statistics


Modern- 63
HTH- 36

Hare Hand Damage- 1d10+7

AP: 10

Significant Skills

Administration- 41
Communicatio System Technology- 40
Computer Operation- 19
Damage Control Procedures- 20
Gaming- 09
Interrogation- 14
Deltan- 10
Galacta- 50
Kzinti- 10
tlhngan hoL- 86
Tellarite- 20
Zaranite- 20
Leadership- 10
Personal Combat
Armed, Blast Rifle- 10
Unarmed- 43
Marksmanship, Modern- X5
Sensors- 10
Social Sciences
Federation Law- 10
Klingon Society/History- 10
Klingon Law- 38
Space Sciences
Astronomy- 25
Swimming- 10
Starship Combat Strategy- 10
Transporter System Technology- 10

Ne'qar'Chu, Iosia

Cadet Cruise, IKS Deqmeqaita (D-20C Class), March 19th-March 26th (Science)
IKS BeH'toq (D-16B Class), Ensign (Helmsman/Disruptor Control), April 1st, 2269-August 15th, 2272
IKS Mu'TaS DeQ'ha (D-7C Class), Lieutenant JG (Disruptor Control), August 16th, 2272-February 1st, 2273
IKS Kanu'Helenasarn (S-5 Class), Lieutenant SG (Communications), February 1st, 2273-June 24th, 2273
IKS Sokalu (F-5 Class), Lieutenant SG (Communications), July 27th, 2273-October 31st, 2273
IKS Sokezumar (D-11D Class), Lieutenant Commander-Commander (Communications), October 31st, 2273-May 6th, 2277
IKS IeSaw'Qu (L-6B Class), Commander (XO), May 17th, 2277-August 20th, 2278
IKS Karnag (K-15C Class), Commander (XO/Communications/Science), August 21st, 2278-November 25th, 2280
IKS QasaremaQ'tomargo (T-3 Class), Captain, December 3rd, 2280-March 22nd, 2283
Border Station 23, Captain, April 5th, 2283-November 5th, 2288

The longtime vocal advocate for intense Forntline Violence, Kiroth has long pushed for extermination of the Fusions, and for being in a prominent strategic Cruiser command against the General War Alliance, although his hard-fought Command Skills are Deliberately, snottaly kept from anything interesting, and heis near a Hydran hotspot, growling, drinking his Bloodwine, and doing his Administrative Tasks, Angrily waiting for (unlikely) signs of a promising War Command.