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Thread: Eternal-class Temporal multi-mission Science Vessel 2 of 3, 31st century vessels

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    Eternal-class Temporal multi-mission Science Vessel 2 of 3, 31st century vessels

    The Eternal class is a Federation starship class, designed as a temporal multi-mission science vessel and is in Starfleet service in the 31st century. It is the less combat-oriented counterpart to the Ouroboros-class temporal raider. Equipped with cutting-edge scientific technology, the Eternal class is designed to fulfill different roles in the field. Built to operate alone on the frontier or as part of a fleet, the Eternal is considered a versatile part of 31st-century Starfleet. Alongside the Ouroboros-class raider, the Eternal class saw action in the Temporal Cold War.

    Size Class 12
    Length 1500m
    Beam 1000m
    Height 600m
    Mass 10 million mt
    Decks 150
    SU available 8550 (675x6=4050)
    SU used 8507

    Hull (inner/outer) <96>
    Resistance (inner/outer) 22/22 <60>
    *dispersive hull armour Class X (99%/max 800 damage) <120>
    *sensor reflective hull <->
    *ship regeneration (1su/rnd) <120>
    *atmo capability <12>
    *planetfall capability <12>

    SIF class 12/ex 150/225 <58>
    SIF B'up 50 <29>
    SIF B'up 50 <29>
    Cascading atmo bulkheads <12>

    Crew 675/135/10125
    officers 175 enlisted 500
    *high level of automation reduces crew levels significantly.

    Quarters <410>
    expanded 550 (1-4 berth)
    *each expandable quarters (capable of being expanded from 1 to 4 berth) is open plan with 3 rooms [living/dining room, bedroom and rest room] ergonomically adaptable, emergency industrial replicator built into one wall, computer console, sonic shower, water shower, provision for pets. Holo-emitter equipped, holo butler.
    luxury 300 (1 berth)
    *each luxury quarters is open plan with 4 rooms, large living room divided into two rooms [living room and dinning room], bedroom, and rest room, all are holo-emitter equipped and is equivalent to a holo-suite. Each quarters is fully customizable, and ergonomically adaptable. Each can house up to 4 personnel comfortably and 6 in an emergency (evac purposes), though are single occupancy as standard.
    *any environment can be recreated in individual crew quarters.
    *Holo Butler, Holo maid equipped, combined ultrasonic shower and old-fashioned water shower, personal holographic viewer/computer terminal, provisions for pets, and a null-grav sleeping chamber. (emergency replicator built into wall of one of the rooms in each quarters). Old style kitchenette integrated into the dining room.

    Basic life support (caters for 16,000 personnel) <48>
    Reserve life support (primary and secondary networks) <48>
    Emergency life support (196 emergency shelters) <24>
    Gravity grid <12>
    Gravity grid (emergency) <12>
    *The ship's environment systems produces no waste whatsoever.
    *unlike typical vessels the Eternity-class has redundant reserve life support (built on a completely separate network) and gravity grids.
    consumables 5 years worth <45>

    Replicators (food) <12>
    Replicators (industrial) 2 networks of small terminals, primary and emergency <24>
    Replicators (industrial large pads 8) <24>
    *primary replicator (food and industrial) terminals are no longer required, the crew member simply requests the desired item from the computer and that item appears where requested. Emergency replicators still utilize terminals (and those terminals are usually "hidden from view" in wall panels.)

    Medical facilities (13) +5 <80>
    CMO 5/6 per 4/5 emk 3
    LMH (MKVII) <30> has access to entire vessel
    (as a MKIV [+2 empathy, +2 to each skill] for programming/advanced program stabilization allows for programs to run for an average of 7500 hours without maintenance, has access to entire vessel)
    *state-of-the-art 31st century medical facility's
    *1 holosuite reserved for rehabilitation purposes for sick bay
    main Sickbay is a large facility, equipped with the latest medical hardware available. The facility is split between a corridor. One side is the treatment ward, containing the CMO's office, the main treatment area with ten surgical suites, and 20 biobeds, two intensive-care wards, a standard medical laboratory, a nursery, a null-grav therapy ward, a morgue, and a dental care office. Attached to the treatment room is a Biohazard isolation suite, containing 5 individual bio-bed chambers allowing for quarantine of infectious patients.
    The other half is outpatient care, and is equipped with 5 surgical suite's and a medical synthesis lab. This room also contains the Chief Nurse's office. There is also the Specialized Medical Science Lab attached to the Med Bay.
    In the event that a Eternity-class starship must take on large numbers of patients, such as in an evacuation, the shuttlebay and recreational decks can be converted to triage centers to augment the main sickbay
    In addition to the Sickbay, several mini-stations are situated throughout the ship for immediate treatment for minor injuries or other, more serious injuries such as burns.

    Recreation facilities (10) <80>
    6 holodeck, 30 holosuites
    large/luxurious eating facilities with lg lounge integrated,
    3 large lounges, 8 small lounges
    *one lounge integrated into mess hall, one of the large lounges is the "observation lounge" which is accessed primarily via the bridge
    *holo emitters mounted throughout vessel <36>
    *Small old-style kitchen attached to mess hall. Holo-servers throughout.
    * holo-technology has been perfected and is now equivalent to particle synthesis. (31st century Federation holo-decks and suites are refereed to as holo-matrices).

    Jefferies tubes, network of Turbolifts, site-to-site transport <48>
    Fire suppression system <12>
    Escape pods 120 QSS (8 berth) <13>
    *QSS pod are capable of a single (upto) 5ly jump (1 minute travel time), also they can be set to put all occupants in stasis for upto 5 years

    Cargo bays 400,000m cubed <12>

    Primary FTL Drive
    Quantum Slipstream Drive (Class III) 15ly/min [360pwr/rnd]<240>
    *practical warp speed limit of warp 9.9999 (199,512TSL)
    *QSS 900ly/hr 96hrs

    Secondary FTL Drive
    Coaxial Warp Drive (Type II) 3ly/min [120pwr/rnd] <100>
    *coaxial drive has been perfected
    PIS (type K) 96hrs <22>
    *unlike vessels of previous periods, these vessels have a self perpetuating power source and so never run out of fuel. The vessels coaxial warp and QSS drive is governed by the PIS, once reached (vessel has traveled at their coaxial warp maximum or in QSS for 96 hours) they have to shut down the drive for 1hr and 'cool' down, after for 1hr they are able to continue. However the standard warp speed (warp 9.9999) is not governed by the PIS, and theoretically the vessel can travel at warp 9.9999 for 5 years (it has never been tested in a practical sense, but computer simulations show this to be true)
    *warp speed 20ly/53min, or approximately .377ly/min using primary drive
    *capable of travelling 86,400ly transwarp (QSSD) in 96hrs
    *capable of travelling 17,280ly transwarp (coaxial) in 96hrs
    The Eternal-class vessel has 2 distinct FTL drives, the primary drive is utilized most of the time, the secondary drive is used if the primary drive is not functioning

    Impulse Engine (3) hyper class VIII .98c [72pwr/engine] <150>
    *vessel use perfected Hyper impulse engine, they are capable of travelling at near light speed without the problems of time dilation. Integrated into each impulse engine is a sophisticated time-dilatation device, which projects a field around the vessel that counteracts any time dilatation effects caused by travelling at near the speed of light. Antimatter fuel additives increase power output significantly.
    class gamma 100% acceleration <24>
    RCS <12>

    QIC Class 40/ex (6997+ cochrane) [2799pwr] <415>
    EPS (exomagnetic) +900 pwr <102>
    Temporal core [550 pwr] <120>
    Aux power (20) [100 pwr/rnd] <60>
    Emergency power [type G] [60 pwr/rnd] <60>
    LEH (mkII) <20> as a MKIII for programming/advanced program stabilization allows for programs to run for an average of 7500 hours without maintenance, has access to entire vessel)
    The Power Core of the ship is the latest in cutting edge Federation technology, which utilizes Zero Point Energy (Quantum Induction Cores) and produces prodigious power levels. There is also a Temporal core included in addition to the QIC in the vessels design, which powers all the temporal technology on-board. These temporal core's isolates the vessel from normal space/time, Biological life forms on-board do not age, and the Temporal cores also prevent conventional directed energy weapons and Torpedoes from damaging the vessel. Only weapon systems that share a temporal weapon signature or have been modified to detonate in a certain temporal frequency can cause damage to the ship.

    available power 3565
    The Quantum Induction Core are the standard Power Core of all Federation vessels as of the 31st century and are capable of producing large quantities of power. The QIC works on the concept of Zero-Point Energy (henceforth called ZPE), or the potential energy that occupies the space of the universe itself. A Quantum Induction is self-sustaining, using the energy it taps into to perpetuate itself. The induction, however, requires an initial matter/antimatter reaction to start.
    The heart of the QIC comprises of two components: An eleven-dimensional special fold membrane, and a benamyte crystal, a derivative of dilithium. When the membrane is energized, it has a tendency to adhere to the benamyte crystal, and so does the ZPE that travels out of the membrane. As long as the crystal isn't damaged, the membrane is rendered inert, and the reaction is contained. A simple forcefield is required around the center of the core to contain harmful radiation.
    The crystal and membrane stand suspended between two subspace field attenuator coils (for safety redundancy), which control how much energy is released from the induction. Beyond the attenuator coils are magnetic constrictors, used in channeling a matter/antimatter reaction into the Benamyte crystal, providing the initial reaction needed to begin quantum induction.
    Eight ZPE taps are located within the containment forcefield, and draw out energy for conversion into useful high-energy plasma. This plasma has a uniform quantum flux state, which is the one major requirement for quantum slipstream drives that a conventional matter/antimatter reactor can't fulfill.
    In the event that the spatial membrane spontaneously closes up, the Quantum Induction Core can be rearranged into a conventional M/A reactor so that the ship can return to a place where it can get a new membrane. Spontaneous closure has happened only once before in the prototype QIC made at Jupiter Research Station, much to the chagrin of the engineers testing the core.
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    Bridge <60>
    * Ai processor (holo avatar, mobile emitter equipped) <6>
    The AI’s are the crew’s liaison with the ship's computers and the sensor information that is processed by the AI’s analytical processors. This allows the AI to provide the crew with them most pertinent information that they need in real time. The ship's AI is inherently loyal to the ship’s captain and the crew above all (though they are mandated to work with in Federation law). An AI has its own personality that is its own. Most of the AI chooses their own appearance and that could be whatever the AI decides it to be.
    Has access to the entire vessel.

    Computers (4 cores) Quantum +7 <192>
    class epsilon uprating <10>
    ODN <36>

    Nav deflector (main) 15/50,000/100,000/250,000km <60>
    Nav deflector (aux) <12>

    Temporal Rift Generator/Temporal Deflector <60>
    [20 power +1 power per 10 years of rift travel, maximum limit of +/- 1160 years from the date of 3050]
    *Designed much like that of a Navigational Deflector that is capable of producing an artificial tunnel through space only a few thousand kilometers long that bridges across the time continuum. The ship travels at one quarters impulse into the rift's event horizon and is almost instantly transported to the target time period, once the vessel completes the time jump it can simply allow the rift to collapse and seal itself or close the rift via the use of a specifically coded temporal deflector pulse. The Temporal Rift Generator requires precise calibration and when preparing to travel through time the commander must carefully reset the Temporal Matrix, if this isn't done correctly there is the possibility of a subspace chroniton explosion could occur which has the potential to rip open a hole in spacetime as wide as 180 AU.

    L/R sensors type 21-ex (+4/+8) <120>
    HR 12ly range
    LR 30ly range
    class 12 (12str) class delta gain
    *+6000 substances/effects <18>
    *astronomical observation pk (+1, +.5pwr)
    *tunneling neutrino sensor pk (+1, +2pwr)
    *exotic matter detector pk (+1, .5pwr)
    *enhanced em radiation deflector pk (+1, .5pwr)
    *graviton detector pk (+1, .5pwr)

    Lateral sensors (4ly range) (+4/+8/+6) <48>
    Class delta gain (12 str)
    *+6000 substances/effects <18>
    *planetary surface analysis pk (+1, .5pwr)
    *graviton detector pk (+1, .5pwr)
    *particle migration deflection pk (+1, .5pwr)
    *exotic matter detector pk (+1, .5pwr)
    *enhanced em radiation deflector pk (+1, .5pwr)
    *gaseous anomaly pk (+1, .5pwr)
    *tunneling neutrino sensor pk (+1, +2pwr)

    Navigational sensors (+4) <40>
    Class 12 delta gain (12 str)

    Chronometric sensors (30 ly range) (12str) (+4) <81>
    *enhancement packs <13>
    Probes 270 <27>
    Sensor skill 6

    Auto pilot 4/4 <16>
    Nav comp class 5 +4 <8>
    Nav comp class 5 +4 <8>
    Nav comp B'up's (2) <2>

    IDF main 4 <144>
    IDF B'up 4 <24>
    Attitude control <3>
    *manual steering column <1>
    *Neurogenic interface <12> Almost all duty stations require crew members to have a synaptic transceiver (which facilitates the neural interface) implant to control.

    Quantum Slipstream Communications Network <56>
    class 16 (22 str), Sec -20 (epsilon sec uprated) class beta (+2)
    *emergency comms <1>
    *holographic comms <1>
    *temporal comms (+/- 1160 years) <3>
    *temporal comms route's through the vessels temporal transporter.
    QSSCN allows for real time two way communication over vast distances.

    Tractor beams (3) class epsilon multi phase 4/5/6/7 2m mt/range upto 40000km <48>
    *fore ventral and fore dorsal, 1 ventral aft

    Tractor beam (2) alpha <6>
    *shuttle bay, flight deck

    Transporter (personnel, temporal) 4 rooms, 12 pad <232>
    Type XXII (10ly range, +/- 1160 years), enhanced, class O e/t coils (15 str)
    *all enhanced transporters can effortlessly penetrate conventional shields of lesser technological level (less than 31st century Federation)

    Transporter (personnel) 6 rooms, 12 pad <288>
    Type XXII (10ly range), enhanced, class O e/t coils (15 str)

    Transporter (personnel, emergency) 10 rooms, 36 pad <400>
    Type XI (5m km range), class J e/t coils (10 str)

    Transporter (cargo) 8 bays, 400kg <184>
    Type XI (3 ly range) class J e/t coils (10 str)
    *31st century cargo transporters use transporter technology which allows them to more easily be converted so as to be capable of quantum-level transport (safe for personnel). The difficulty for this task of converting to quantum-level transport is only routine (5). When successfully converted a cargo transporter can transport 1 person/200kg's of cargo capacity.

    Phasing Cloaking Device (type XII) (+12 to detect, can pass through normal matter and shielding) <84>
    *phasing cloak has been perfected, it does not give off any tachyon emissions or residual antiproton making the vessel (or subsection) completely undetectable. The ship can fire its weapons and use its shields while cloaked, as well as allow the ship to drop the cloak protecting certain quadrants of the ship without decloaking the entire ship at once.

    Security Systems (4) 3 briggs <16>
    cso 5(6), personnel 3(4), illegal activities difficult.
    *anti-intruder system <12>
    *internal force fields <12>
    *holo security personnel (60 programs available) <12>
    *holo-sec personnel are now always utilized on all Federation vessels. Their programming is less sophisticated than other holograms on board (LMH, AI processor, LEH) though it is suitable for their primary purpose. All holo-sec personnel are incapable of deadly force (embedded programmed safety interlocks prevent them from killing any living being) and are issued with a stun rod, modified Type II phaser (capable of settings 1-3 only) and comm badge.)

    Science Systems (5) +4 <42>
    80 labs, 6 specialized labs. <46>
    Specialized labs astrometrics, medical, planetary, engineering, temporal sciences, leaving one unassigned used as a floating lab used to supplement any lab as required.

    TA/T/TS (Zeta) str 12 (+4) <21>
    TA/T/TS B'up <1>
    weapon skill 6

    Auto destruct (contained to within the vessel, completely disintegrates) <12>

    Shuttle bay <40>
    10 QSS shuttles

    Flight deck <60>
    10 Epoch-class temporal fighters

    Capt's Yacht yes <10>
    (specialized sc3 heavy long range interstellar transport runabout)
    *dedicated bay, ventral (amidship)
    The Captain's Yacht is a lavish transport vessel, used for ferrying diplomats or other high-position figures about

    Shields (temporal, metaphasic, regenerative) <560>
    protection 7200/10,800
    threshold 1350
    regenerate 30/rnd

    gen class 12 2400
    grid type C 50%
    dis amp class iota thres 450
    regen class 2 30/rnd
    B'up shields (4) <12>
    *shields allow this vessel to enter the corona of most stars
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    Tactical systems
    Sensor jamming device (class 4, +12 diff) <50>

    Splinter Imaging Array (up to 7 images out to 3 AU) <60>
    *Projects up to sensor ghosts up to 3 AU’s distance from the ship. Ships sensors can be fooled but a look out the window reveals whether or not there is really a ship there or not. Only when the ship is within one AU’s distance can the sensors discern whether or not that the ship is real.
    A starship sensor can only determine which is a mirage or an actual ship when within a range of 3 MU’s (90,000 kilometers) of the target with the lateral sensors. The difficulty of eight starting at one, with difficulty detection increasing by plus one for every MU beyond the first MU’s distance.

    Energy dampening field generator (.2AU) duonetic field [100 pwr] <200>
    *these generators are place around a ship's hull or facility and emit a Duonetic field. The generators not only project the field but insulate whatever the generators are mounted to from the effects (and the effects of other duonetic field generators). A duonetic field inhibits energy flow and is capable of disabling almost all technology's while ever those technologies are in the field.

    Temporal Incursion cannons (1) <200>
    range 10/30000/150000/400000km
    acc 3/4/5/6 Arc 360 degree's Dam spec** Pwr 400
    *fore prow
    ** this cannon creates temporal incursions which erase the target from time. A temporal shock wave, from it's use, spreads throughout the galaxy causing whatever corresponding changes resulting from the erasing of the target. Temporal shields offer protection from this weapon and anything inside an active temporal shield are isolated from the changes, whereas conventional shields offer no protection from either the temporal shock wave or the actual weapon discharge.
    The weapon produces a beam that pushed objects out of the spacetime continuum, effectively erasing them from history. Careful and meticulous calculations were required to create the exact changes in the timeline that were desired. This weapon could be deployed against an entire species by firing the weapon on the species' homeworld, pushing the species out of the spacetime continuum. This causes a causality paradox; all of history the species played any part in would be altered, which can have very far reaching consequences (possibly creating unalterable changes to the timeline and disastrous changes to multiple species).
    The effects seem to be contained to a single galaxy.
    Because of the catastrophic damage that could be caused to the timeline by the use of this weapon the Federation has enacted strict guidelines for its use. An entire computer core (the ships dedicated temporal computer core) is required to coordinate the firing of the weapon.

    Subatomic Disruptors Type 24 (8) <948>
    range 15/40000/200000/500000km
    acc 3/4/5/8 Arc 541+ degree's ACB Jacketing (allows subatomic disruptor to be fired at warp and transwarp)
    Dam 400 *ignore conventional shielding Pwr 45/sht
    Modes std, cont, wide, advanced frequency rotation 6 sht/rnd

    Subatomic Disruptor Type 30 (1) <156>
    range 15/40000/200000/500000km
    acc 3/4/5/8 Arc 541+ degree's ACB Jacketing (allows subatomic disruptor to be fired at warp and transwarp)
    Dam 700 *ignore conventional shielding Pwr 75/sht
    Modes std, cont, wide, advanced frequency rotation 9 sht/rnd
    *Advanced Rotating frequency technology is a simple modulation of the frequencies adjusting the weapons frequencies after each shot. The rotational effect adds to the difficulty to the defense against the weapons beam with an addition of +1 to any roll. Each array automatically rotates frequency and attempts to lock onto the frequency and phase of a threat vehicle's shields for maximum shield penetration.
    *linked beam of nadion's and chronoton's which disrupts the target at a subatomic level. Furthermore only temporal shields offer protection, conventional shields are ignored and if struck with a subatomic disruptor they are automatically brought down and cannot be raised again until repaired.

    Torpedo Turrets, high yield (4) <168>
    range 25/500000/3m/6m km
    Spread 22 Arc self guided Acc 3/4/6/8
    Pwr 20+ 5/number of torpedoes fired
    fore port and starboard prow, aft port and starboard
    *these launchers are the current Turret style which are capable of swiveling 15 degree's off axis giving them a wide field of fire. They capable of launching up to eleven torpedoes per second for up to two seconds, or launching twenty two torpedoes simultaneously.

    Torpedo Magazines
    *4x 264 MKVI chroniton (1056) <106>
    Dam 1000 *ignore conventional shielding
    *4x 20 Phased Plasma Torpedoes (PPT) (20) <8>
    Dam 1500 *ignore initial hit targets conventional shield, propagates damage loss 6/10,000km
    *PPT cannot be multi fired, and can only be launched one at a time per launcher.

    **see notes on technology in the Ouroboros-class write up.
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