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Thread: My Planetary Vehicles Spacedock notes

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    My Planetary Vehicles Spacedock notes

    These are the notes that I have been working on to generate a planetary vehicle. I have in the past generated aircraft and ships for spacedock that we have used in our adventures over the years. I have made a few changes to it over the years. Use as you need.

    Planetary Vehicles
    This is a Spacedock version of the Archaic Vehicles generated by Neale Davidson “Jayne” as an outline for this version. This is my latest version of the notes for ground vehicles that covers all the known version that I have generated in the past.

    Class and Type
    Class would be the model and make and the type would be whether it is land, air or water transportation.

    Tech level
    would be whatever the era that the vehicle is remembering that most tech would be in the twentieth century like era and above. Use the Federation Technological Classification chart in the Lug Star Trek core books. (TNG Pg. 258, TOS pg. 189, a quick look I did not find one in the DS9 book.)
    Personal notes: I tried to cover all the eras.

    Size ……..range…….......range………range
    10 (5-6)…161-320 m…..51-80 m……1200 SU’s…Use spacedock chart pg. 17
    9 (3-5)…..81-160 m……31-50 m……900 SU’s…Use spacedock chart pg. 17
    8 (2-3)…..41-80 m……..21-30 m……750 SU’s…Use spacedock chart pg. 17
    7 (2)……..21-40 m……..12-20 m……625 SU’s…Use spacedock chart pg. 17
    6 (2)……..11-20 m………9-12 m……550 SU’s…Use spacedock chart pg. 17
    5 (2)………9-10 m………6-8 m……..500 SU’s…Use spacedock chart pg. 17
    4 (2)………7-8 m………..4-5 m……..400 SU’s…Use spacedock chart pg. 17
    3 (1-2)……5-6 m………..2-3 m……..325 SU’s…Use spacedock chart pg. 17
    2 (1)………3-4 m………..1-2 m……..200 SU’s…Use spacedock chart pg. 17
    1 (1)………1-2 m……….0.5-1 m…… 100 SU’s…Use spacedock chart pg. 17

    Inner hull and Secondary Skeletal structures are one on most vehicles but aquatic ships still use the spacedock standard. A motorcycle, hovercycle or even a Car are a unibody with an SU’s cost of 8 x spacedock size.

    Structural Integrity Field
    Most ground vehicles do not have any SIF as it is a starship tech more than a need to travel over the surface at less than a meter or two. Basic aircraft have no need for it either as it is used for acceleration of multiple g-forces faster than an atmospheric transport.

    Specialized Hulls
    Atmospheric Capability – same
    Energy Sheath - none
    Planetfall Capability – same
    Ramming hull – none
    Sensor-Reflective hull - none

    Personnel System
    Operators and crew or passengers this is where best judgement comes in and the vehicle must conform to a standard. Where a car carries one operators and one to five passengers and a SUV is the same an Aircraft carrier has a crew of thousands and a dozen passenger. A car and SUV does not have any crew quarters where an aircraft carrier has a bunk system with only a quarter being basic and spartan quarters.

    Environmental systems
    Basic Life Support
    Most ground and atmospheric vehicles require only heat as they are with in the atmosphere and 1 SU’s cost for the heat and ventilation system at a cost of 1 power per round when active.

    Reserve Life Support
    There is none.

    Emergency Life Support System

    Not needed as it is in the atmosphere of a planet.

    Same as the spacedock scale but the vehicles unless nuclear are days’ worth instead of years.

    Food replicators only. Industrial Replicators only on size five or larger.

    Medical ratings
    Small vehicles a med kits only or one or two for larger. There are no EMH for small vehicles.

    Recreation Facilities
    Only the larger of the craft have this.

    Personal Transport Systems
    Same as Standard Spacedock using reason, larger craft only.

    Fire Suppression Systems
    Same as Standard Spacedock using reason, larger craft only.

    Cargo (Hold) Storage
    Same as Standard Spacedock using reason, larger craft only for large amounts of cargo less than a cubic meter for smaller.

    Escape Pods

    Propulsion and Power Systems

    (Gasoline or Diesel) fuel drive
    An engine system like this generates momentum using a fuel for power. It costs 2 x vehicle size. An attached generator creates just enough power to run the electrical power systems of the vehicle.

    Electrical drive
    An ecological friendly drive requiring power to propel the craft. This requires a power source such as a battery and or a generator system.

    Small fusion reactor
    A fusion reactor generates 10 power per round at a cost of 1 SU.

    Nuclear Reactor
    The nuclear reactors of this ear the reactor cost 3 SU’s for one of power.

    Solar power
    Same as spacedock.

    Wheeled Power Train
    Cost one SU per vehicle size.

    Hover Power Train
    Cost three SU’s per Vehicle size. On starship this is part of the SIF systems.

    Scientific Instruments
    SU’s Cost: 1 Su
    Power: 1 power per round

    In comparison to 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and beyond the crude detecting less than one tenth of one percent of what sensor can detect, sensing equipment. These instruments are mostly just radiation detectors, magnetic detection, and electro-magnetic detection. Detection of a few hundred variances in the space around the vessel.

    Scientific Interments
    Strength Package: Class 0 (Strength 0)
    Gain Package: Standard (+0)
    Coverage: Standard

    Navigational Instruments
    SU’s Cost: 1 Su
    Power: 1 power per round
    In comparison to 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and beyond the crude directional and altitude determination sensing equipment. These instruments are mostly just compass, and radio directional detection and a few maps.

    Navigational Interments
    Strength Package: Class 0 (Strength 0)
    Gain Package: Standard (+0)

    Chemical Batteries
    SU’s Cost: 1 SU per 10 power generated
    Chemical batteries create power from a reaction between to or more chemical components.

    Radar effects the object unless shields are up or stealth shielding. Radar costs 1 SU and 1 power when active. Radar either detects or does not detect an object. If a starship of shuttle has a shield active and/or has stealth capability.

    Machine guns
    SU’s: size x 1 -1 per + 1 numbers of rounds carried per gun and plus +1 per extra burst per round.
    Power: no power needed.
    The machine guns fire at high rates each burst from a gun for game rules is roughly 20 round a burst. A bust does a damage of 3.

    A cannon costs 10 SU’s with a damage of 10-40 damage with a range of 1 to three kilometers.

    Missile/Bomb racks
    Missile and bomb racks for aircraft cost 1 SU’s per reach carries. They cost only 1 power per missile to fire for power. The dropping of conventual’s bombs cost no power as they are controlled differently that that of missiles.

    Most missiles are self-guided with the exception of certain missiles that can be remote controlled. For game purposes they are all self-guided.

    All missiles use the targeting system class modern (accuracy 7/8/10/13). Some of the missiles can be nuclear missiles and are restricted to MK 1.

    On stealth fighters and bombers the missiles are kept internally and kept in a rack. These internal compartments cost 1 additional SU per missile and bomb. A stealth fighter carrying a pair of bombs would have two racks using almost the same stats below without the guns, mach speed, and additional bombs and only one pilot. The McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornut is pretty much the same as is the General Dynamics F-16 Falcon and the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. The Russian Mikoyan Mig-23, 27, 29 and 31 fighters would have similar stats as well.

    Aircraft mounted missiles & bombs
    Air-to-air missiles light (10 damage)
    Air-to-air missile medium (20 damage)
    Air to air missile heavy (30 damage)
    Air to surface missile (25 damage)
    Bombs light (20 damage)
    Bombs medium (30 damage)
    Bombs heavy (40 damage)
    Anti-Ship missile (50 damage) the anti-ship missiles cost two of the missile racks as they are heavy and do more damage. This missile can be used from a ship-to-ship weapon.
    Surface to surface missile (30 - 50 damage) the missiles cost two of the missile racks as they are heavy and do more damage.
    More later on 20th sailing ship from this period in a later post.

    TA/T/TS is generally the class zero targeting systems.

    In combat any missile hit to an aircraft the plane goes down in flames. The fighter is immediately damaged and sent plummeting to the ground. To know if the pilot are hurt or injured the damage is spread to the different systems if the cockpit received any damaged the pilot is hurt. If half the SU’s are damaged the pilot or pilots are killed instantly.

    Communications systems
    Equal to a Type I interplanetary Radio without strength or security costing 1 SU and one power as it is so weak. Most radio communications do not reach beyond the local area unless the sensor are 22nd century or better sensors.

    None unless it is an escape transporter for a 23rd or better craft.

    Tactical Systems
    Majority of land based craft have no need for weapons but military craft have the need.
    For military vehicles they are armored and has machine guns and surface to air missiles. These are generally driven by a single individual unless they are car polling. Busses have multiple seating for passengers. Missiles and machine guns work the same as the aircraft missiles and guns.


    Hover Cycle
    Class and Type: Starfleet issue Standard Hover Cycle
    Commissioning Date: mid 24th Century

    Hull Systems
    Size: 1 (1)
    Length: 1.25 meters
    Beams: 0.25 meters
    Height: 0.5 meters
    Decks: none
    Mass: 0.1 metric tons
    SUs Available: up to 100
    SUs Used: 36

    Structure <8>
    Resistance: 1 <0>

    Structural Integrity field - none
    Specialized hull: Planetfall <1>

    Personnel Systems
    Crew/Passengers/Evac: 1/2/0
    Crew Quarters - none

    Environmental Systems
    Basic Life Support - none
    Reserve Life Support - none
    Emergency Life Support - none
    Gravity - none
    Consumable: three days’ worth <1>
    Replicators - none
    Medical Facilities: med kit only located under seat or saddlebag per drivers choice <5>
    Recreation Facilities - none
    Personal Transport - none
    Fire Suppression System - none
    Cargo hold: 0.1 cubic meters <1>
    Escape Pods - none

    Propulsion Systems
    Hover drive: 50 kilometers per hour [1 power/round of use] <3>

    Power Systems
    Small fusion reactor (generates 4 Power/round) <1>
    EPS: Standard Power flow, +0 Power transfer/round <5>
    Standard Usable Power:

    Operations systems
    Bridge: <5>

    Core: [1 Power/round] <1>
    ODN <3>

    Navigational Deflector - none

    Sensor Systems - none

    Flight Control Systems - none

    Navigational Computer¬ - none

    Inertial Damping Field - none
    Attitude Control [ 1 Power/round] <1>

    Communications Systems
    Type I planetary short range [1 Power/round] <1>
    Strength: 0
    Security: -0

    Tractor Beams - none
    Transporters - none

    Security Systems Rating: - none
    Anti-Intruder System: - none
    Internal Force Field - none

    Science Systems Rating - none
    Specialized Systems - none
    Laboratories - none

    Tactical Systems - none

    Shields - none
    Auto-Destruct System - none

    Auxiliary Spacecraft systems
    Shuttlebay(s): none

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    don't forget that The Dominion War Sourcebook page 87 has expanded rules and write ups for 24th century vehicles ranging from attack skimmers right up to phaser tanks.

    It's not very detailed though and you have to fill in a lot of the missing stuff.
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    Sorry, for not getting back to this for a while, been busy at work.

    I left a lot of holes to allow others to fill in for what they need and to tweak here and there to make the land vehicles as they are needed. Some of this comes out of past adventures that took place during a time travel event.

    I am glad that it is helpful.

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