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    Website update

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    With the inexhaustible work and help from Mark FASAST (Xon gaming), we've updated my site with some of my content from the old yahoo group and Mark did some tweaking of his XON material, all wrapped up in a new look!

    If you get a chance, check it out:


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    Looks good! Interesting resource!

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    Hey Guys,

    We added some Links and NPCs

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    Nifty. I'll be converting some of these to ICON, since my campaign is now set in the late 22nd century. I'm mining a lot of old FASA materials for it. Good thing I wrote conversion tables a long time ago and converted loads of characters. Once converted , all I have to do is make adjustments for 25 or so years' difference (Star Trek, a Space Odyssey is set in 2290 in and about the Triangle).

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    Sweet! I'd love to see them- post a link when you're done!
    I've seen that chart before I think- now it makes me wanna re-think cracking the spines on that stack of ICON and Decipher books I got in storage LOL If I can just overcome my inherent laziness...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreadPirateJim View Post
    Looks good! Interesting resource!

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