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    Reptoid Data

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    System Data
    Position in System: IV
    No. of Satellites: 0
    Planetary Data
    Planetary Gravity: 1.1g
    Diameter: 14,300 km
    Equatorial Circumference: 44,000 km
    Total Surface Area: 562,000,000 km
    Percent Surface Land: 54%
    Total Land Area: 310,600,000 km
    Environmental Data
    Length of Day: 28 hours
    Atmosphere: Terrestrial
    Typical Climate: Tropical
    Mineral Data
    Standard Metals: 32%
    Radioactive: 6%
    Gemstones: 7%
    Industrial Crystals: 8%
    Special Minerals: 10%
    Developmental Data
    Tech Level: TL4
    Trade Profile: CBABBAC/F(B)


    STR- 40+3d10
    END- 45+3d10
    INT- 50+2d10
    DEX- 50+3d10
    CHR- 35+3d10
    LUC- 1d100-25
    PSI- 1d100-20

    Full Maturation- 13 years
    Middle Age- 35 years
    Death by Aging- 60-70 years
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