Back to the Enterprise under Pike and Number 1 with Spock

New ‘Star Trek’ Series Featuring Spock and Pike Will Be ‘Optimistic and More Episodic,’ Creators Say
CBS revealed Friday that it had given a series order to “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,” a new show that will take place on the starship Enterprise in the years prior to James T. Kirk coming aboard as captain. The new show is set, like other recent “Star Trek” spinoffs, to stream on CBS All Access. But it will, according to co-creator and executive producer Akiva Goldsman, hew more closely to the original Kirk-era “Star Trek” in structure and tone than those other recent additions to the franchise have.
The original series as a spinoff of Discovery. How it has come full circle. The name seems to crowding out/"stepping on the toes of" the anthology book series; I liked the Marvel/Paramount Comics name for the same concept.

So, it is a bit presumptuous for Goldsman to be called co-creator, when Pike as captain was the second present draft and first filmed pilot of TOS and further done in comics.