The references in various LUG writings about Bridgetown, notably by Steve Kenson in his unpublished materials, Star Trek: The Lost Episodes I also used information written by Ian Martell
for his page on Angelfire. My treatment (including long quotes from these two sources) can be found at and - and also incorporates material I wrote way back in Y2K about "Sam" and "Sam's Place" based on preproduction sketches for DS9. Looking around for an image to depict the Bridge I found some V'GER concept art from STTMP which looked suitably alien, mysterious and LARGE. I found an image of an asteroid with a bright spot and 'shopped in an image of Regula One as a stand-in for Bridgetown Station. The image for the mysterious alien K'Hite I found on Google images: it's an early makeup study for Disco's Saru. "Sam" is an image from Terry Gilliam's Brazil - the purpose of the contraption on his head will be a plot point. Commander Harris is a screen cap from one of the Trek movies and Krist Mor is Lou Ferrigno from Star Trek continues.

The USS Odyssey in my Star Trek, a Space Odyssey is currently being led toward Bridgetown by a pirate ship, the Armida IV.