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Thread: What technologies from films exist in reality?

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    What technologies from films exist in reality?

    Let's discuss. What achievements of mankind do you know that have already passed into the real world? I know about photon torpedoes. The simpler ones are automatic translators. What else is there like that?

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    Red face I've found new one

    Space Tug. The space tug is one of the things of fantasy. Now we have real manufacturers of such things. The space tug can deliver cargo from the launch vehicle to the ISS, higher orbit, move satellites (small), correct the trajectory of satellites, De-orbiting space debris or transferring space debris to disposal orbit, and much more.

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    One more thing that I think is worthy

    The relatively young company Skyrora received the Leif Erikson Award in Iceland. As we know Iceland is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. Therefore, for me, the fact of receiving the award has become a rather serious argument. The guys have developed a product called Ecosene, which is analogous to kerosene but has a couple of distinctive features. Firstly, it is made from non-recyclable plastic (which makes you wonder whether it is right to call it now non-recyclable). Secondly, using Ecosene reduces emissions by 50 percent. Third, according to the team's forecasts, using this fuel on a large scale can process up to 400,000 tons of such plastic every year.
    For me, this thing also becomes a subject from science fiction films)

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    Couple more

    Here are a couple more things. Attempts to create some of them have already been carried out about half a century ago.
    From the latest news, Rolls Royce (who would have thought) together with the UK Space Agency will work on the creation of a nuclear engine for space rockets. In the long term, this will allow the spacecraft to reach Mars in 3-4 months.
    Here's another thing from science fiction films: Several space companies are already printing rocket engines on multi-component 3D printers.
    Isn't it great?

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