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Thread: Why are there no popular films about space engineers?

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    Why are there no popular films about space engineers?

    A few decades ago, during the space race, everyone dreamed of becoming astronauts. Now the progress of the space industry is even more evident. The same topic about astronauts is gaining popularity. But the astronaut, although a professional, is unlikely to get to his adventures without the engineers who gave him the spacecraft.
    So why don't we see engineers as the protagonists of popular films? They're cooler

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    I think it has to do with how something will look on screen. Having astronauts explore space is more easily to make interesting on screen than engineers building a spacecraft, sadly. Not that it can't be done - The Martian focused a lot on the engineers on the ground, for instance.
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    I think...

    There are quite a few films about startups. How a few people in a garage did something that people now use. Why not make a film about an imaginary team that built a rocket from scratch? Any modern space company can be taken as a basis. For example, like team

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