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Thread: What are your passions?

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    What are your passions?

    First of all, I like to travel. This is my biggest passion and thanks to this I started diving. My next hobby is hiking and photography. What about you? What are your passions?

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    I'm into flint and steel fire making, I love drawing the spark from steel and stone. I practice my craft daily.

    I collect strikers (I have over 120 in my collection these days from makers from all over the world) and hard, sparking stones (stones in the 5.5-10 Moh's) including flint and chert, quartzite, jasper, and petrified wood

    That has also given me a passion for forging strikers (I am at around the 20 mark now) and collecting sparking stones.

    and some of my sparking stones
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    I'm into 1/35 scale model making. I built my first model with my Dad 55 years ago. It can be an expensive hobby but need not be. There are models available for every interest and in every price range. I'm also into role-playing games, Star Trek especially (obviously). Currently, I'm running Star Trek, a Space Odyssey online at It's a continuation of my long-term face-to-face p'n'p game run originally under the FASA rules, now under LUG's ICON system, but early last year we moved it online due to CoViD-19.

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    Your desire, excitement, and aspiration are heard, go . Try your luck and share your emotions. Don't forget who risks wins.

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    I absolutely love programming! My passion for coding started with HTML and CSS, and now I am diving into JavaScript. I am determined to become a great developer and I am constantly learning new skills to improve my abilities. I enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems and seeing my ideas come to life through my code. With every project I work on, I feel more confident and excited about my future as a programmer.

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    I like to do sports, travel and take pictures.

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